feral hog hunts

Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by woodsman92, May 23, 2020.

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    nowadays they have runners and catch dogs... you stab them through the heart with a knife... I have pics, but they're not worth posting...alot of adrenaline during. Sadness after. I don't think anyone who just leaves them laying instead of giving them an extra 3 days on ice would understand the sad part, but to each their own.... I'm still in Texas, and will probably die here...if you have snake boots and don't mind the heat set to hell, c'mon down, or wait for fall and deer season!!
  2. Its that heat set to HELL that I cannot stand. I used to work in TX (Dallas, Houston, Sweetwater, Longview, Lubbock, El Paso, etc) and am an honorary Texican but prefer the cooler climes. When we hunted them with dogs in TN, those plott hounds got one bayed in a cudzu thicket. One dog had hold of the pig's hind leg and the other had hold of it's lip and neither was letting go. One of the guides had a very large sheath knife on his belt and asked if anybody wanted to take one with a bowie knife :eek:

    I had already tagged out and the designated shooter declined that invitation. At Joe's place they would let you kill your boar using any means desired. Bow, spear, knife, pistol, rifle, sub-gun. There were not many rules. If you had showed up with an RPG, I have no doubt that they would have let you use it, lol.
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    I've actually read about that place when I was younger!!! If I remember right, some ol boys were bow hunting and got tired of it. Took turns going through the ol fellow you mentioned, which I'm sad to hear of his passing's, weapons collection. At one point, they did a drive down a fence line and dang near got trampled by the lead bigguns!! Lol ahhh it's good to remember the days when writers could tell stories like that without losing subscriptions or getting crucified on social media.
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    A few facts about ferals, just my experience.
    1)No hunting license required in Texas on private land.
    2) be glad they are in Texas and not here. They have 2-3 litters a year with up to 10 in a litter. Once you have them, youcan neverget rid of them. DO NOT RELEASE HOGS THINKING YOU ARE CREATING A HUNTING OPPORTUNITY! You will only destroy all the other hunting, and the habitat.
    3) they aint bad eating, if young, and processed right. I eat the backstraps, and pretty much the rest in breakfast sausage. I fry the sausage outdoors, in bacon grease, really slow. Its lean meat, expect no gravy, and if you dont add the bacon grease it will get really dry. The smell in the house will ruin your appetite. Coleman stove on the back orch
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    Nobody wants wild pigs on their property, bad deal. Place I had permission to hunt in Louisiana while working there had pigs come on there and tore it to hell

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