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Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by EastKy0076, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. riverboss

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    Jan 26, 2009
    northern ky
    I missed that part, glad you posted this, I haven't had a coyote in shotgun range at night while hunting !
    Everything has been at least 75 yrds.
  2. EastKy0076

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    Feb 13, 2020
    East ky
    Me either and I would like to see them make the night season year round. I doubt it will happen here. I know some other states have it. Why did they make april and may shotgun only?
  3. riverboss

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    Jan 26, 2009
    northern ky
    I'm not sure but I would say it was for the survival of pups!
    Most people kill coyotes because they hate them, some because they scare them I hunt them for the challenge! I used to love to deer hunt but big money and the fact you can only kill one buck a yr I lost most of my interest in it.
    I coyote hunt to get my fix! I can kill as many as I want, and getting permission mostly because of what and where I work and the fact I know everyone around here and how I was raised to treat people!
    I treat coyotes like game animal as I want to hunt them every yr, statistics tell you that you can not kill them out and if numbers get to low they will breed and make up for it, so to keep them in check you need to keep your numbers at a certain percentage that they don't over populate but are comfortable at there numbers.
    Over population and that's when large game animals and live stock starts getting hit as they run out of mice to eat.
    I have farms that are getting Hugh rabbit population on them that I haven't seen in yrs and I consistently kill coyotes on them, coyotes get blamed for everything but I can't tell you how many times I have seen them out mousing in fields but I can tell you how many times I have seen them killing rabbits! None! I know they will kill rabbits but a rabbit is a big meal to a single coyote two or three field mice every few hrs will keep them fed.
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  4. 1wildcatfan

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    Jan 2, 2009
    raised n Bullitt Co.
    Educated guess, just like the 6.5 max bullet size, it was part of negotiations to get the door open. After a few yrs of no issues, don't be surprised if it's revisited by F&G and opened up even more.
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  5. riverboss

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    Jan 26, 2009
    northern ky
    The 6.5 sucks! I really wanted to use my 6.8 I never hunt with it and the thermal scope on it would of kept my long range 223 alone, I have another but run a 1+4 power scope on it for hunting in the woods.
  6. Mt Pokt

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    Nov 8, 2018
    Campbell County
    That's one reason I went clip on. Can put the night vision ahead of any optic or red dot so will pull rifle and shotgun duty.;)
  7. EastKy0076

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    Feb 13, 2020
    East ky
    That's a great set up. My thermal is on quick detach mount but I haven't zeroed it on any other guns yet. I probably won't be chasing yotes with the shotgun at night . Hope they expand the season but it seems to be comparable to other states structure now. I like to be able to kill them if they respond to calls , and that is challenge with respect to shotgun range.
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  8. The challenge is the motive for me as well. Hard to call and must have the shot right. I bust them with a 22-250. The hides are piling up for a better price.
  9. JGD

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    Feb 3, 2008
    Nelson County
    “Good Lick. I got accused of being a Murderer the other day on another website over that litter of Coyote pups that was posted a week or so ago.
    So be it.
    I didn't SAY I would have Stomped their Heads but someone took it that way. I just posted the photo for info that the "Pups are Here."
    I never get tired of seeing Dead DamCoyotes..”

    JR, we’re always going to have our snowflakes. I kill every coyote I see when I can. Been hunting the same farm in Shelby county for 20 years and between me and the owner we kill 15-20 a year. Seems to never reduce they’re numbers. I, like you, never get tired of seeing a dead one.

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  10. Marsh CallUser

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    May 20, 2011
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    @JR in KY

    What website did you get blasted on?
  11. JR in KY

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    Jan 25, 2006
    The Occupied South
    Oh, just a very small forum called "Varmints Den Forum"
    It wasn't a big deal, there is a fella on there that loves Coyotes and he has a lot of mental issues. He's ON for a while and GONE for months. Right now he's gone again.
    I think I posted a photo of some pups and asked "WHAT would you do?" I didn't SAY I would kill them, but I left the impression that might happen I think. Couple of folks said they Would kill them.
    Sometimes folks have a Bad Day and say things....I have been guilty myself. World has enough problems without creating more for your selves.
    Nice to meet you a while back.
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