Family heirloom


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Jul 3, 2015
Battle Run
Great story Cap. My dad bought his in the 60's when he passed I became the owner. I always dreamed of owning one. But after he passed never could bring my self to shoot it that much. It was dads shotgun and the memories of him shooting it are to much I guess. Now my son shot hinges off hell with it. His arm would be black and blue just like dads was after hunting doves.
That old Belgium is his now, he earned it.

Aint heard Hartselle for years. Lived there for 3 months in the late 80's


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Jun 12, 2005
" Between the Rivers "
Congrats on being the new care taker of the family A5..... absolutely beautiful gun.

Many years ago I was doing my yearly cleaning out & wipe down of guns in my safe. Had them all spread about.... pretty much all synthetic & plastic stocked guns that I bought and served a hunting purpose at the time. Only wood stocked guns I had were guns that were my dads when he passed or he bought me as a kid.... the rest had no real sentimental value to me nor guns I considered heirlooms or held a history to me that I wanted to pass down to my family at some point.

I decided that day I was going to work on that.
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