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Apr 2, 2012
Got done deer huntin yesterday evenin had a text from my dad telling me to stop by his house when I got done. So I did, he told me to come in in and have a seat while he got something, I figured it was a birthday card or something so I’m sitting there talking to my stepmom when he comes out with a gun case and pulls my Grandfathers old A5 out, now I’ve seen this gun growing up, always enjoyed looking at it and have been allowed to hunt with it once in my life on a quail hunt. He hands me the gun, and says he’s been the keeper of it for the last while now it’s my gun. I was shocked to say the least. My first words were “that’s Bruce’s gun” I didn’t know wether to reach for it or just stare at him holding it.
Bruce (my grandfather) bought it brand new in 1963, quail and dove hunted with it for years back when bird huntin down here was a big thing. Then when he before his mind went bad due to Dementia he passed it on to my dad. He’s taken it up to the Dakotas once pheasant huntin and a couple times quail huntin. It was the first gun I ever shot, couldn’t have been more than 4 maybe 5, it was before my mom left, me and my dad were “huntin” one afternoon and he asked if I wanted to shoot it, I did, I got my eye behind that old hump, about the time my dad asked if I was ready I said yep and pulled the trigger before he was ready and that hump gave me a black eye, scared the mess out of my dad but I wanted to shoot it again but he wouldn’t let me.
Anyway I figured I’d get it at some point but sure wasn’t figuring on it being last night.

After my dad gave it to me he said he’d love to go quail huntin with it one more time, so, I’ve got a good friend that owns a shooting preserve up in Hartselle Alabama shot him a text told him the date asked if he was busy that day. He said y’all be here for 9:00 am that morning so on Feb 25th we are going to shoot upland birds over 2 gsp pups.
Not sure why the pic is upside down


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Feb 20, 2013
La Grange
Cool story Cap.

I have inherited guns from many of the "Old Timers" in my family. The old guns probably aren't worth much, but the people they came from and the memories they hold make them mean the world to me.

Hope you and your dad have an awesome day in Hartselle.


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Jun 28, 2012
Great story, great gun. My dad and brother own several. 16 ga is still his favorite squirrel gun.

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