Fairy Tale Ending


12 pointer
Apr 7, 2015
Little back story. My son was born almost 10 weeks early. My wife had fluids filling her up so fast when she laid down her lungs filled up and she couldn’t breathe. Out the baby came. Only choice we had for best survival of both. Wife was in the ICU for a week on ventilator and feeding tube. So was my son. He spent the next 42 days in the NICU. I lived at work or the hospital. Not going to lie, it was the hardest days of my life. There was a 48hr period I thought I could lose both. She got better and the good lord above allowed our son to build strength to pull through also. It’s been a wild ride but everybody is doing better now. And then this farm situation happened. It’s like living a crazy dream honestly. But I’m the luckiest man in the world and couldn’t be more blessed. The first picture I’m posting is my son a few minutes after he arrived. The second is from a week ago. My life may be crazy but everything happens for a reason and even though the last few months I’ve questioned a lot of things, I always seem to be right where I’m suppose to be. Thanks for all the kind words fellas.

What a great looking family! God puts you where he needs you! Congrats on your lil boy, thank the lord he blessed em both and you all have each other. Congrats on your buck, heck of a deer and one you will never forget! God is good!

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