Fairy Tale Ending

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Apr 16, 2011
Shepherdsville, KY
Well, as I start this post, I really don’t even know where to start. This past year has been the craziest of my life by far. Had a baby in February, working 60-70hrs a week at work and about to close on a farm we bought from my wife’s aunt and uncle. Property hasn’t been hunted in many years. And once we signed the contract on it he told me I could treat it like it’s mine. That was a few weeks back. We signed the contract Friday night, I showed up Sunday morning with a truck load of cameras, corn and stands. He then realized I wasn’t joking (had a lot of time to make up). Been monitoring the cams the last few weeks, just built a platform for a box blind this past Sunday and hung another hang on set. Trying to make sure everything is dialed in before the rut gets here and it’s looking like we’re going to be moving the first or second week of November (a hunters nightmare). Last week I had a pretty big buck show up on the camera in the one section of woods I own. He didn’t show back up again until yesterday. So I figured since I took the day off today to finish that platform and clean some things up around there, might as well hunt it for the first time and take it all in. Seems like work is all I do anymore. So climbed in the stand at 4. Didn’t see a deer until 6. Then it was a light switch. Saw 10 deer the next hour. All does and a spike. And at 7:10 once all the other deer cleared, big boy showed up. Shot him at 25yds. Ended up spine shooting him so had to have a follow up shot. It was one of the most incredible feelings I’ve ever had. First hunt ever on my own farm, one of the biggest deer I’ve ever seen on the hoof and I got to put my tag on him. Still numb to it all. Truly is a blessing. Been a fairy tale ending that’s for sure. Anyways, sorry for being all over the place and the long read. Good luck to everybody with tags left and be safe!


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Feb 25, 2007
Awesome Buck! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing. There have been some big deer killed lately.

oh, and there is nothing like killing a big one on your own place! Hope for many more.


Dec 9, 2001
Congratulations on your baby and congratulations on your farm and congratulations on one heck of a big buck. Great year so far. Hope it keeps going your way.

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