EU Launches "Digital Wallet" In Latest Step Toward 'Cashless Society'

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EC, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. EC

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    Jul 13, 2003
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    The staging of complete control...just like Bible has described it for 2,000 years.

    EU Launches "Digital Wallet" In Latest Step Toward 'Cashless Society'
    June 2, 2021

    EU Launches “Digital Wallet” In Latest Step Toward ‘Cashless Society’

    Despite the concerns about digital privacy being invaded by the “vaccine passports” that Europe has demanded of travelers, the EU is pressing ahead with plans to launch a “digital wallet” that would carry digital copies of a drivers’ license and credit cards (sort of like Apple Pay does) as Europe continues its transition away from cash.

    According to the FT, the EU is preparing to unveil its plans for the bloc-wide “digital wallet” on Wednesday. The product is the result of what Brussels described as several states’ demands for the EU to create a digital tool to access important records and other products and services via the smartphone.

  2. Regulator623

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    Nov 16, 2006
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    I love seeing look on the young Walmart cashiers face when I pull the old check book

    PUBLIC RAT 8 pointer

    Feb 18, 2014
    4 or 5 years ago went on a black Friday sale for a apple ipad. Stood in line for hours at the cash register, once you pay you get your iPad. Got to register and total came to $300 and change. Took out cash and employee flipped out. Says your the only person all night to use cash everyone uses credit card. They had to call manager to ring it up. They were only trained to do credit cards because no one uses cash anymore. Wow how things have changed.
  4. Constitution Constituent

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    Feb 20, 2021
    Structuring society more around these damn phones.
  5. rcb216

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    Sep 25, 2005
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    Was at a old gas station on US 68 in mason co. Was recently bought by an arab. Old man was trying to pay for diesel for his tractor and a few other things. I was two people behind him. They wouldn’t let him pay with check. He was frustrated. He told that piece of crap behind the counter he had been paying here since he located here after he came back from the war and he always paid with check. They wouldn’t do it. So I went up paid the $30 some odd dollars and told him not to worry with it and thanked him for serving this once great country. He was embarrassed and said I can’t pay you except for check. I was gonna tell him not to worry with it. But to tick off the arab piece of crap I said I’d be honored to take a check from a veteran that served so people like him ,looking at the arab, could live in this once free country. Never cashed that check either. That store rarely has customers now. Don’t know how it stays open. Probably gets money from the government subsidies.
  6. WildmanWilson

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    Dec 26, 2004
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    The cashless society will be a complete disaster for us as individuals. Not only will the government have 100% of your information but so will hackers. You can no longer work on the side to make cash to rathole. Every purchase is logged. This is not the same as just using a debit or credit card like we do now. This will be you being stripped of any privacy at all. The government will be able to punish whoever they see fit. Don’t get your shot? Fine your account that they have 100% control of. You can be locked out from buying too many guns or ammunition. You will be slave to the master.
  7. timer

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    Feb 20, 2013
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    That's what they seem to be going for, but us country folks will still be able to barter with each other....
  8. JR in KY

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    Jan 25, 2006
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    @rcb216 we have a store here that I used to buy Gas all the time. I drive on by now, and take a chance on running out.
    I was in McMinville, Tn couple weeks ago and got food at a Dairy Queen. Paid cash and got food before the Arab manager came out and got Pissy with someone, but I will Never be back in that store.
  9. Regulator623

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    Nov 16, 2006
    Eastern Kentucky
    The flea markets will be screwed....
  10. HuntressOfLight

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    Nov 23, 2019
    Guarding my lovely bluebirds
    As would be the raunchy, dollar bill grabbing strippers.
  11. cedar creek

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    Sep 7, 2014
    I have seen this coming for a while, definitely a game changer, i know lots of contractors and farmers that run strictly cash,
  12. TripleGee

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    Sep 13, 2003
    Well, stop going to the places with the pregnant raunchy chicks. Sheesh!
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  13. kyhunter99

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    Dec 21, 2014
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    Two more classes that would suffer under this would be the homeless and the amish.
    They have amassed alot of wealth and land. Not that they couldnt still survive off of it, but it wouldnt be like before.
    If this were to happen in the usa.
  14. xbokilla

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    Jun 28, 2012
    China already has some digital currency. Like I’ve said numerous times, this whole let’s give money away thing scares me way more than the Kool-aide vaccines. I really, really do feel it’s about killing our monetary system. A one world currency is a scary thought to say the least.
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