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Discussion in 'Politics' started by WildmanWilson, Dec 12, 2020.

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    That's because I made a mistake in the title. Its actually EO 13848. I couldn't change it in the title.
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    Also any country that’s involved will have there assets taking and bank accounts froze,that means China or who ever will own nothing in the u.s anymore.Trump was one step ahead and smarter than people think.He new something like this was gunna happen.Things are getting interesting for sure.
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    if nothing else, China is up to no good. so is the stuff their selling. when it says made in China, short life is expected. so you have to buy more of it. IDK if its the slave labor, or the practice of the Red country, to sell defective goods. should be a warning, buy from China, dont expect much, then ya wont be disappointed.
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    Trump is so far ahead of the established politicians in trying to make this a better country that it's beyond criminal if they steal this election from him.

    As just one example of his ongoing efforts ... they announced this morning that General Milley is in Qatar trying to get the Taliban to calm down so we can get our men out of that region. There's no telling what all Donald Trump has in the works if they'd just stand aside and watch him go.


    Think of all he would have accomplished for America if they'd helped him instead of fighting him every single step of his administration.

    Makes me want to puke when somebody calls Biden: "President-Elect" and makes me want to cry when I think they may get away with it.

    All those who support this coup can rest assured that their children and grandchildren won't be toasting their memory at Christmas Time in a few years when the realize how you sold them out and let this country turn into just one more socialist utopia like the rest of the fantasy lands that NEVER, EVER, work.

    I hope Santa fills their Christmas stockings with Reindeer turds. :)
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    i dont know what the hyena has on her mind, VP. but shes the replacement for Joe. turncoats run rampied, been a few short years.
    i like the guy from michigan., republican who is retiring., gave up being a republican in his last few months, cause Trump dont like the election. now hes independent till he retires. i doubt the independent party wants him. no morels. the swamp runs deeper than it ever was. some still fight, but i most miss the old days.
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