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  1. This is grouseguy. My original account was hacked / disabled and the mods have not responded to my requests to correct, so I'm using this account now.

    I'm posting this for a friend in WI for any of you guys planning on travelling north this fall. Pups are located in Fifield, Price County, WI. They were whelped August 20th and will be ready around the first week of October.

    These are quality line bred setter pups out of working parents ... both dam and sire are used as grouse and woodcock guide dogs in northern WI. The sire is my Deacon dog and with my pick of the litter, these pups represent the sixth generation of these dogs that I've had.

    6 males / 4 females ... all tri-colored. Dew claws have been removed and at least the first vaccines will be given prior to pick up.

    $1,200 with a $200 deposit to hold till October pick up. If interested, PM me with your name and contact info and when you plan on being in WI and I'll pass it on to the breeder, who will then contact you with specifics.

    EXVT9592 (3).JPG UHTJ9382 (1).JPG puppies 09-21.jpg
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    Can you explain why you created this account when the other one was still active?
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    Because gg burned every bridge on this forum with his hate-filled diatribes. He also doxxed himself as an education union worker. I wonder what they would think of some of the things he said?

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