End of Knox era for this hunter.

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Daniel Boone, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Ft. Knox
    If you are REALLy concerned about this you should report it to hunt control and if that doesn't work take it higher. Yes they are volenteers but they have a responsibility to check all of your mandatory paperwork. My guide and assistant guides were AWESOME!! I hunted area 85 and they showed us on a map and stopped again once through the gate and made sure we knew the boundries and safety hazards. They even pointed out good areas to guys who have never hunted the area. Even offered to help drag deer out if needed. I couldn't have asked for a better guide/assistant guide. Even the check station was ran well. I didn't have to lift a finger. Those guys lifted the deer out of the truck, weighed, aged, measured my deer and put it back. I would like to thank all the hard work put it and if there are crooked guides out there I hope you get caught! If you don't want to do your job as a guide/assistant guide then quit!
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    Jan 5, 2008
    good post,sounds like you had some good guides.i wish all the guides were like that.areas i have been in b4 nobody would recommend anything but they did check all paperwork and were not worried about thrying to get in the woods b4 you.
  3. Guys let me explain what the area guides responsibilities are and what you should expect from them. Once done, if you have guides that do not perform their responsibilites or if they are witnessed to do illegal things, report them the Hunt Control and I'll bet you they will be dealt with swiftly. Coming on here and telling war stories whether true or false does nothing but rile up bad feelings and provides would be hunters with preconcieved notions that puts a sour taste in their mouth before they ever get to experience hunting at Fort Knox.

    An area guide has the responsibility of providing a meeting place for the hunting parties. They are responsible to take check in phone calls from the hunters and provide directions and meeting times to the meeting place. They inform everyone of the necessary paper work required and an overview of the rules an regs (however all of this info is in your packet which you have the responsibility to read and follow). They are required to be at the meeting place on time, check in each individual, and visually inspect their documents. They are to ensure that everyone has their firearm in a case. They are to ensure that no one is visually under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They are to hold a safety briefing at the meeting sight and go over all safety rules, boundary rules, check out times and read the dud warning. They are responsible for correctly completing the sign in roster. They are responsible for ensuring that everyone in the party gets from the meeting place and to the check point. They then turn in the roster to the check point, provide an accurate head and vehicle count for the party. It is the responsibility of the guide to move the party from the check point to the area and establish the location of the clip board and the area guide that will hold it. They are to then hold a brief meeting to reiterate the boundaries and make sure that all members of the party know who holds and where the clip board to check out is in the area. At this time they should try to provide a verbal explanation of how the land lays. When hunters harvest and or check out for the day they record that information and the time on the roster. At 5:30pm the area guides ensure that all members of the party are out of the woods, are checked out, are cleared of the area, and are directed to check out at the check point. Any thing outside of that is courtesy. Guide refers to guiding you into the hunting area and performing the admin duties, it does not refer to putting you on a stand, assisting you in a harvest or guaranteeing you score.

    What they shouldn't do:

    They shouldn't be rude
    They should not get a jump start on others by not attending the brief area meeting.
    They should not shun questions about rules or boundary lines
    They should not be hunting outside the boundaries or turn their heads for others to do so.
    They can't give you permission to pursue animals that go out of bounds.
    They should not tell anyone where they have to hunt or where they can't hunt.
    They should not deny assistance to lone hunters in getting their harvests out of the woods.
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    Wow! Let the stone throwing begin![​IMG]

    We hunted 21/22 this past weekend, both days. A couple of points:
    1. Our guides were great! Very helpful, very knowledgeable of the area and willing to help anyone that asked for it. No complaints there.
    2. As with others, we hunted 22 both days and saw a ton of "good" sign, but I only saw 3 deer both days. It was my choice not to take one of the does because of the long drag out and the temps being in the mid 60's.
    3. I do not have any complaints. There were deer killed in the area, not many, but there were some.

    I guess my point is, just like with the state Elk draw. You put in for the hunt every year, hoping that one day you will get drawn. I compare this with the Knox gun quota hunt. You put in for it hopeful in seeing one of those Knox "bruisers" come cruising by at daylight.
    I've bow hunted for years on post, it was my choice not to put in for the bow hunts for the past 5 years, no one told me to stop, I've got my reasons. I'll put in for it again, when I'm ready. I guess that would be my advice to anyone else that feels hunting on Fort Knox is a "waste of time."
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    If I hunted one area for 20 years regardless of area it would almost be like fishing in a barrel what area are you the guide for no hard feelings here just think that there ought to be some changes on low producing areas so the quality of hunt would be worth the hassle
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    boonehunter and rack rick just confirmed to me why hunting at fort knox is not for me anymore. 80% of the deer killed are by guides and or someone in their party and they deserve the best spots because they volunteer their time. for the life of me I must be bassackwards in my thinking becuase i sure as heck would love for the general draw guys that paid there money to come to have a heck of a hunt if that means me telling the group about where i have seen the most deer or how the deer use the are so be it. i know you give up your time to hunt the general gun season to be a guide but sound like to me you are doing more for your own benefit than for the benefit of hunters in the area as a whole. To many what's in for me mentalities these days. plus me and my buddies can hunt our own farms and instea do falling into the 20% catagorie we can be in the 100% of our group that killed deer. by they way i would welcome either one of you to hunt and would put you in my best spots. i guess i just feel more satisfaction out of see other succeed at hunting nowadays more than i do for myself. i have had plenty of those days myself and its time to pass on the good fortune.
  7. " I'm amazed at Rack Rick always griping about Ky. deer management but always happy with the much worse deer population on the post."

    Welcome back Tom, Multidigits, Boonehunter, or whatever you are calling yourself these days. Oh, an from what it looks like to me, it appears that I'm not the only one that complains about KY deer mgmt. Seems to be a growing sentiment as more and more evidence becomes obvious to folks. I know you have your reasons for not being a Knox supporter but you and I both know that Knox and the KDFW are two completely different animals with way different issues.
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    He's explaining his history and recent experiences and also saying he is NOT going to for awhile. If you don't read the whole post....don't reply. :rolleyes:
  9. Str8arrow,

    Our area has had 6 deer killed in it in two weekends. Myself and another area guide have killed two of those deer. That equals 33% for us and 67% for the other guys in the parties. So your theory is a little off as it pertains to us. We don't deserve the best spots but we generally know through our experience where at least a few of them are. Just FYI, even though we volunteer, we still pay our $30.00 like everyone else so we aren't getting over money wise. I too want every general draw guy to come and have a heck of a hunt, however if killing a deer every time is the only way for them to have it then they are at the wrong place and participating in the wrong activity. As far as me guiding for my own benefit, you bet your butt I am. What friggin other reason would anyone have to volunteer as a guide if it wasn't for the personal benefit of increasing your odds of success. Your mind set is a bit distorted. I mean do you really think that we go out there and volunteer our time with the goal of you getting you a deer. This is not never never land and hunting isn't a team sport.

    If you and your buddies can hunt your own land and have 100% success why full with Knox any way. To me that would be a no brainer. I'm glad that you have stacked deer up like cord wood and are to the point that you want to pass on the killing to some one else. I too want to pass hunting on and do what I can to benefit other's success, that is my kids and my friends, but what do I owe strangers that draw a tag at Fort Knox.

    Again, all this bickering comes from one source, bitterness due to lack of achievement. Instead of reflecting and analysing one's self, its always easier to say that it's someone elses fault. You talk about mentalities, its the whole immediate gratification and I should succeed because I'm me that plagues the world today. Every organism has three choices: move, adapt or die. I guess you have made your choice. I'm truely sorry your experience at Knox was a bad one.
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    I did read the entire post. It struck me as another "hunter that after seeing the bucks pulled out of Knox the past two hunts got PO'ed he didn't shoot a buck and typed a thread to whine about a hunt he doesn't even have to apply for." Nobody's holding a gun to anybodys head demanding they apply fort Knox.
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    Rick what area are you in Im wondering I think the hunt is great just think it needs a little tweaking start drawing a certain amount so its not so crowded in areas that cant support it. Because its not really a draw hunt its more of a pay to hunt type of thing it would not be that hard to come up with a system
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    Rack Rick,
    Your post above says a lot.......

    Sorry I hit a nerve, and I was speaking out of anger when making my post about guides/guests making knox their personal playground. I should have said SOME guides/guests making knox their personal playground. And I mean every word of it. I have never felt like a dog at knox until this past weekend, and my group was not alone. By you getting so riled up you must know this guy I speak of, if so, it don't change the fact he sucks as a guide. I've had some d#mn good guides while hunting knox. Area 80 was best by far, area 7 has an assistant that went out of his way to help our group see deer, area 1 guides told us the best places to see deer and helped drag deer out, area 21/22 guides were good, so not all are bad and I apologize if I offended any of the better ones. I did not keep coming to knox for 10 years because of killing deer. I've got a wall full and only one come from knox so the lack of achievment category does not pertain to me. As far as what you owe Joe Blow Public, you owe them at least the courtesy of explaing the area boundary. Knox is usually a good time to meet up with my old college room mate and spend some quality time with my dad whom I don't get to hunt with as much anymore. Next year we will be in Wayne National Forest in Ohio with our knox money. Good luck to all that keep hunting knox.
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    I have to second what Lukehunter has stated, my guide and assist guide were both great. Pointed me in a direction and pointed out on a map as i had never hunted the area before. Even offered to everyone that if they have a deer down and need help they would be right there to assist. They even had a Gator on standby just in case. The folks at the check point were just as great they to pulled my doe kill out of my truck weighted it and placed it right back .. I couldn't ask for better than that.
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    Dec 15, 2007
    Well, it is somewhat offensive after reading all this. I guess because i used to be an area guide for fort knox. As a matter of fact i was an area guide for area 115 for years. there's not a deer behind every tree at fort knox like so many people have visioned in their head. As far as the area guides and VGW's having better spots to hunt than everybody else, thats a crock. I don't remember who posted that, so if it wasn't you its not pointed towards you. Granted, you should have been explained where the boundaries are. they're simple. I'm not taking up for anybody. For some crazy reason i feel like i need to defend myself for all the crap generated in this one post and i don't even hunt gun hunt knox anymore. It sux that you had a bad experience at knox but you kinda made it sound like all guides are idiots.
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    That was a mouthful! :D

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