Elimination of KY elk outfitters and guides .

Discussion in 'Elk Hunting' started by rdjoseph, Sep 28, 2021.

  1. xbokilla

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    Jun 28, 2012
    Honestly, how much different is this argument than in the past when I’ve said one of the biggest problems we have facing the future of hunting is land hogs? People who have tons of land and just won’t let anyone hunt. I mentioned this on the deer hunting and other forums and people go crazy. “It’s my land and I can [email protected] well do as I want.” If the guides want to lease up all the land is that really that much different? So guides are hurting elk hunting and elk hunting opportunities but private land owners who never let anyone step foot on their land to let a kid kill a doe aren’t bad for hunting?

    Note: Don’t really even care about this topic on a personal level just trying to keep the pot stirred.
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  2. Tankt

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    Dec 26, 2019
    I deplore the entire concept of leasing whether it's for deer or elk
  3. Muzzy Moment

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    Sep 8, 2011
    Eastern KY
    Already have them selling bears hunts lol
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    Aug 23, 2011
    If they don't change the bear regs, it's gonna be tough to kill a bear and not get a citation for bait/trash refuge in stomach contents.
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  5. Tankt

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    Dec 26, 2019
    Do you have to get drawn for a bear hunt? I would help a feller out getting rid of one if they consider it a pest.
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    Aug 20, 2007
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    There’s talk next year there’s not going to be a quota on them like they are now. No draw tankt.
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  7. Tankt

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    Dec 26, 2019
    Anyone need a bear eliminated, gimme a holler.
  8. 120+

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    I'd prefer they were all eliminated.
  9. Feedman

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    May 28, 2003
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    If they take the quota off, there will be a lot eliminated

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    Sep 9, 2018
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    All I’m gonna say on this is if I’m gonna pay big amounts I better be huntin private ground. Not public.
    If I’m told upfront I’m fine with that.
    But eliminating guides ain’t gonna happen. Some people need guides and I understand it. But I’m not being guided on public land that I got access to with out a guide.
    And I know this is a elk forum I’m typing this on. I’m for sure not gonna be guided elk or deer or turkey on public lands in ky.
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  11. Travis Thacker

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    Sep 1, 2018
    Corbin KY
    It's a money business like anything else is. At one time you could not find a white tail in KY or turkey less it be LBL or Black Mt. and no one wanted to waste gas money to drive that far in times past. In those days or so I was told hunting was squirrels, birds, and small stuff. When deer got populated enough to hit with cars on a daily basis it was not even fun to hunt them anymore. You could ask a land owner to hunt a section of small suburban land. Go in scout and hunt and the next thing you know Ma and Pa is mad at you for shooting a deer their second removed, grand-cousin's, son's uncle's, girlfriend heard about on facebook and could have shot. Been their and done that.
    Lots of folk in this state have remorse syndrome or what is called get a dang life syndrome. They work hard and all but they spend 50,000$ on something to sit in the yard or garage and the second someone comes along and even looks at it the wrong way they freak out. Same goes for land leases or any other hunting related thing. I've seen 300-400 acre plots sit in the sun n shade for 20+ years while pops worked the railyard or out of town. Anyone including family asked to hunt that plot it was a swift " hell no! Gonna use at some day!!! " Then some day rolls around and pops is sitting at the VA with cancer eat up to the gills complaining he never did get to do not a damn thing.
    Elk were brought into the state as some kind of draw all money goat but it was a failure from the entire get go. Rich or wealthy 20,000$ type clients are not going to pay that money for a KY hunt when they can do much more with that said amount in other locations. I like guided hunts if it's a hunt where K9's are used for smaller game. Big game is over rated and more work then it's really worth unless you just need the meat and got the time to do all the work yourself.
  12. luvtohunt

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    Sep 1, 2011
    Eubank, Ky
    Most commissioner tags in Ky go for an average of 10-12 thousand before you book a guide and that's even in the shit units. Those tags are in high demand every year!!
  13. Feedman

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    May 28, 2003
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    Holy Cow, I didn't realize they were that high
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    I’ll take two please :eek:
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    Nov 5, 2009

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