East ky or central ky taxidermist

SPD 86

Sep 2, 2009
I really app. everyone's info.I found the best work I have ever seen at Griffith's taxidermy in sterns Ky.Sterns is about 30mins or so from williamsburg.I would recomend him.He has already sent me a couple of photos of my buck as he is almost done with him.I should be able to get him in a couple of weeks.

Ive heard he's great, what is the price range on a shoulder mount?


10 pointer
Jul 14, 2008
Central KY
Waste all the gas you can, Dale's Taxidermery at Sitka, Ky 606-297-3676 would be my choice and I know that hunters from all over the state come to him too, not to mention out of state.

Did ya boy in P-ville do that sweet bobcat mount in your avatar pic?


Dec 16, 2001
Johnson County, Ky.
Yes, he did about 8 years ago. I have had a lot of people wanting the cat but my wife loves having it on the gun case. He has done many since that just put mine to shame in the pose and I still want to kill one to have the basketball in it's paws.
Sep 14, 2012
If it was my deer of a lifetime, I would go to Harry Whitehead at Gunner's Taxidermy. Multiple award winner and mounts evreything that walks, swims, slithers, or crawls. I've got 2 fish he did in '85 and '86 and they still look like they did the day I got them back.