Duck Hunt 12-12-09


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Nov 15, 2004
New richmond , Ohio
Duck Hunt 12-12-09 Ohio River at Brush Creek
Today was a very bad day. I went to Rome with the duckskif. Jim decided not to go, so it was just me. River at 40 and low of 18 degrees. Had a great breakfast at the Dairy Yum Yum. At the ramp at 9:30. My battery was dead. Pulled out and bought a new one at Walmart in Maysville. Ran back up and put in at Brush creek. Decoy hunters were pulling out as I pulled in. My 10 hp needs new lower unit seals so I took the 1958 7.5 Johnson. It would not start. After pulling 100 times, I pulled the plugs and sprayed with WD-40. Still took 20 pulls to start. Ran out and headed up the Ohio bank about 1 mile and crossed over. I was banging around getting ready, and looked up and scared up about 6 mallards. I started paddling down. I proceeded to pass up 2 blacks, who I never did see. I had a very hard time getting up on ducks, they would let me get within 60 yards and they would get up and fly. The problem is most were blacks and I think they were local, and has seen the floating log before. Finally I got up on a bunch of Mallards. As I was floating down, they decided to swim into the bank. With the swift current, by the time I turned the boat into the bank , I was below them. I yelled to get them to fly, and only one flew close and I got it., it was a black mixed in with the mallards. The rest were just to far away. Pulled into the bank and had a cup of coffee.
Headed on down, and saw a duck sitting on the bank, I looked over the side of the boat with my binoculars, and screwed up on a bunch of ducks below me. The duck was a fish duck. Above Wrightsville I ran across another group of mallards and got 1 mallard. Headed on down. It was great floating weather, no wind and high river. I passed up two sets of blacks, because I never did see them, and they got up behind me. I got up on another group of mallards above Manchester Island and got 1 drake mallard, should have had more. I then saw a big bunch of geese across from the Island. They wanted nothing to do with me, and swam across to the island while I was a good 1/8 mile away.
I decided to call it a day and started the 7.5 and ran across the river, planning to run up the Ohio bank. The 7,5 locked up and stopped. I let it cool off and restarted it, the water pump was working, it ran for 2 minutes and locked up again, after making some very loud bangs. It is dead. I paddled down to Manchester and pulled the boat into the Ramp. I walked up to the first house and asked the guy if he would give me a ride to the Brush Creek Ramp. He did. Very nice guy. Got my truck and drove back and picked up the Skiff. Had a great supper at the Dairy Yum Yum. Home by 7:00


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Nov 19, 2003
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Nice report.

We saw more black ducks the end of this week than I have seen around here in a long time. I'm not really sure what that is a sign of.


Dec 24, 2008
Great Reoprt.

You can look on craigslist to see if you can find a motor but I will say most of the one's I have seen are way overpriced...:cool:

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