Duck Hunt 1-30-11

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    Nov 15, 2004
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    Duck Hunt 1-30-11
    The last day of the season I tried the Ohio River below Foster Ky, mile 438.5. I did not get up early but took Debi to breakfast at the Cold Springs Frisches. I got to Foster at about 12:30. The river is at 29’ with a low Saturday nite of around 24. Wind was suppose to be out of the north at 5 mph. I took my Chessie- Jewels because she has not been out this season, because I have not decoyed. She needed to retrieve a duck. The nite before I pulled the top off of my gas tank and checked the strainer, it was fine, and I put on a new gasket and resealed it. I also checked all of the hose clamps, all were good.

    I started up the Ky bank to across from Bear Creek and crossed over. Jewels and I started down the Ohio bank, at a slow idle spotting ahead with the binoculars. There was a semi good current and lots of drift, which has been lacking this season. I spotted Geese sitting on the bank below Neville, so I cut the motor and started paddling. They sat there so I was thinking I may get another Goose, when at 100 yards they got up and flew away. I cranked the 10 back up and continued down. I spotted ducks above Moscow. I cut the 10 and started paddling. As I rounded the bend below Neville, the 5 mph north wing became a 15 mph west wind. The waves started getting bigger, the skiff started bouncing, not good. I got to within 25 yards of 15 mallards with 20 more below them. I was just about ready to drop the paddle, when they got up. I held off shooting, thinking I would get on the next group below. They got up at 50 yards, so I got nothing. Luckily Jewels was sleeping in the front of the skiff the entire time.

    The wind was too strong, but I went ahead and crossed over to the Ky side and started down. It was worse than the Ohio bank, so I decided to run up and call it a day. I ran up the Ky bank and spotted ducks above Black River. I crossed over and ran up the Ky bank almost to Foster, and crossed over. I idled down spotting with the binoculars. I spotted 2 below me so I started paddling. As I got closer I saw that it was 2 blacks. At about 50 yards they swam out and we played chase for about .25 mile. They then swam in. I got right beside them both as they were dabbling in the shallow water, with no concern for me at all. I jumped up missed the first shot , hit a black with my second, but it kept flying, then smoked him with the 3rd. I told Jewels to fetch the duck. She jumped out of the front and retrieved my black, I went to the bank so she could bring it to me. At this point it is 4:00 pm so I got Jewels back in the boat and we ran up to Foster, and then the 10 started acting up again, it would only run if I kept pumping up the tank, and this time only a couple of minutes. Now that the season is over it will go to the man.
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    Bridgeman, you have a spot at Aintry anytime diruing the 11-12 season that you want . Give me a few days notice and plan on bringing a buddy or two if you like.

    You sir are a real hunter and I would be honored to have you as a guest.

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    Sounds like an excellent ending to the season. And once again I really like reading your stories about your adventures.

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    Bridgeman you have had a great season as far as I'am concerned get the motor repaired and I will be looking forward to next seasons adventures on the Mighty O.
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    Just noticed your new location.....:)
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    "Getting a blumpkin"

    best ever!

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