Dog needing a new home


6 pointer
Nov 15, 2008
graves county
Hey guys if anyone wants a dog I have got one I actually need to let go...With my work and needing to get a second job it is getting to be a little much...Lab/Heeler mix...bout the size of a heeler...Is house broke...and 1yr old so still trainable for hunting dog or would be just a good pet...good with kids and does like the water....and for once I got a dog that wasnt gun shy...I would love to train her but dont have the money and at times I dont have the time to work her...She is free for the taking as well as all I have for her so if you or anyone you know would like her just hollar. She is located in Mayfield.


12 pointer
Sep 13, 2003
Will it kill and eat these two "inside" lap dogs my wife got? I'm hoping, not dreading.

Wife said: "Don't worry, me and the kids will take care of them. Pick up after them, blah, blah, blah." Who fed and watered them, let them out at 5:00am and just picked up the 100th little turd and flushed it. Man, what a sucker I am. And not one of them lollypops neither. I'm one of them big ol' sunflower sized ones with the spiral designs on them. So, will your dog kill and eat these two???

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