Do you have Social anxiety disorder


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Apr 16, 2019
Pendleton county
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I'll change it up a little and put a fishing picture in here. This was in October, played hooky from school with my son and it paid off. Just wish he had caught her. At Cave Run, by the way. Enjoying these pictures, just found the thread also.
fished cave run a bunch years ago watched several others catch Muskie I couldn’t catch one to save my life. That’s a good one after several years of the curse I threw in the towel I direct my efforts at catfish and striper now I can catch those


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Nov 8, 2004
Reynolds Station

Me and my crew.


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Nov 23, 2019
Guarding my lovely bluebirds
Get your mind out of the gutter HOL. Pretty sure this thread was intended to put faces with names. Seems you’re unwilling to do that, surely you have a photo of yourself that wouldn’t scare us

Appears that shows where your mind is; looks to me like he sat down in the Spanish Moss so very prevalent in Florida. It frequently falls to the ground:

Be aware that chiggers are common in Spanish moss

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