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Sep 20, 2006
Central KY
Yote Yoda and I have been talking and sharing our different generations of war stories and boot camp stories. We thought we should see just how many Marines we have on here? Hell maybe we can all get together and throw a modern day Tun Tavern bash. Ive enjoyed his stories and always welcome a new story we can all relate to. So Sound OFF! Semper FI


Nov 19, 2013
Lyon County
Sounds great! However, I never did see any true combat. I served from May 92 through May 96. Saw the east coast, London England, west coast, Okinawa Japan, and Pohang Korea. Got out an infantry Sergeant. Was 0311 and 8152 (Security Force Battalion).
Semper Fi

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Apr 16, 2006
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That means a lot, y'all. I never gave it much thought because of course, I didn't go through the boot camp you did, nor the infantry training. We did get some in FMSS (Field Medical Service School - where we become NEC 8404) but it was kind of token. And, I do remember the first few months after arriving at Camp Pendleton thinking, "what the hell have I gotten myself into". However, I also remember the exact words of the guy at the division surgeon's office when he said, "Well, by luck of the draw, you're going to tanks." I know that they've moved 1st Tanks to Twentynine Palms. Bummer. Although Twentynine Palms has its charms and surely is a good base for tanks (we would send a company there usually twice a year, IIRC), I did like 41 Area.

Wouldn't trade it for anything, now. I also remember returning to shore duty at a naval hospital when reenlisting and never quite feeling the same as I did at Pendleton. To this day I can't smell diesel exhaust without thinking of an M60 tank. That squeaky sound the tracks made also is firmly implanted in my memories.

Never saw any action. Mostly it was a daily doldrum of the usual sick call stuff punctuated by fun times out in the field. Of course, there were many serious injuries... and worse, but one of my favorite is one evening at a range when a C-Ration can of peanut butter exploded after one marine threw it in the campfire. I was almost laughing too hard to pick the hot pieces of peanut butter off of him.


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Jan 16, 2014
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There has always been a special bond between between a Marine and his "Doc". The corpsman is looked at as part medical doctor, part chaplain, part brother and friend, and most of all - family!. I am a much richer person being able to say that I still have a couple of "Docs" that I am in contact with after all these years.
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Sep 20, 2006
Central KY
One of my good friends is a doc... I remember looking at him before we went into Fallujah saying Look Doc If it get hit don't let me bleed out use as much quick clot sand and dirt as you can to stop the bleeding. He stared at me with a blank face and later said dude you scared the shit out of me when you said that! LOL Sh*t just got REAL!

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