Deer tracking tips


6 pointer
Jul 11, 2017
Several of these answers are really good. Toilet paper is a must. As someone that uses a dog for tracking and have tracked several deer for others, I can only give these tips. Watch the shot, mark your first blood, at the site of the shot is the blood dark, bright, bubbles? What about hair? Brown or white? White is not always good but, not the end of the world. Is there bile, corn, or undigested food at site of the impact? If so, you definitely want to give it time and probably should get someone with a dog. If tracking try to move along side of the blood not in it. Several times while tracking for people my dog was side tracked because of mock trails the hunter accidentally made. See we work on site to track, the dog works on smell, they can smell blood you can never see. If its the buck of a lifetime, don't be macho, let the dog recover the animal, and you pose with your trophy, and the dog if you like :) Deer will usually try to circle around and go back from where they came, they knew it was safe there. Lastly, deer will take the path of least resistance and bed down. Good luck and happy tracking.

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