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Sep 23, 2016
Kinda bout hour
I’m in Harlan county

This one was a ton of work but well worth the effort! Bruiser 12 pt shot on top of the mountain located halfway down the mountain still alive Packer found him and they sparred for a bit, rolled down the hill a ways until Bob got there and put another one in him. Took several hours to find him but Packer came through.


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Nov 2, 2014
Thanks to Gregg and packer I was able to retrieve my buck. It was an unforgettable track job. I don’t know who climbed through more saw briar, me, Gregg or his super tracker packer lol.
Packer took up the track after over 26 hours after the actual shot and after hours of failed searching. Not only did he find my buck unexpectedly still alive and trying to gore him with his antlers he wrestled him down the hill a ways and held onto him until I could run down to catch up.

I was beside myself with grief and disappointment because I knew he was the biggest deer I’d ever been blessed to shoot.
Decide to come my favorite site for help and found it. Think I may have made some new friends and gained a new respect for another aspect of hunting.
Thank you Gregg and packer 😎