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    If you are able to provide tracking services, post up your contact information, complete with County/Counties that you are willing to travel to, and a telephone/cell phone number. Please do not post up pricing, if you charge for your services. This post is not intended to start a bidding war on services. It is intended to get hunters in contact with someone to track their deer.
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    Keith from the 8 years I tracked I found there aren't many that actually do this. Those that did didn't have experience and were mostly trying to train their dogs and were doing this service to get on a trail to try their dog. I know of at least 2 dozen deer we went on after another dog that we mine found. There is one that I do know of in western ky but I don't have his contact and one that was just starting out from the brandenburg area last year. I hate it that my dog is just too old to go anymore as I have had to turn down so many calls the last 2 seasons of being retired. I have almost taken a few of those without the dog just because over the 8 years we tracked and 181 deer we recovered I could almost do it better myself without a dog than some that were doing it when we were going non stop. I still get calls and try to give them all the advice I can over the phone but again there is nothing that beats a well trained experienced nose of a dog.
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    Give them a call. They have tracking teams all over the state. 41B4E285-FF41-4F67-B0F3-4991285299E6.jpeg
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  5. There is nothing better than watching working dogs work.
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