Deer stand advice.


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Sep 1, 2011
Eubank, Ky
If it is ur first go around with a climbing stand I would recommend a sit n climb (something with a fixed front rail) style. The open fronts on hand climbers are awesome for bow hunters but are ten to one more difficult to climb with in my opinion. Couple that with inexperience and you could be setting urself up for failure. I tried out all my buddies stands before buying and ended up with an aluminum API that has a closed rail. I bow hunt from it without issue as well as in the couple of hand climbers I have had and gotten rid of also.


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Jul 28, 2008
^^ my summit has a front bar that latches for climbing and folds down for hunting. Other brands have stands that do the same. I will say my open hand climber is tough to use. It requires a good deal of upper body strength.


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Oct 27, 2008
Boone County
Thanks you guys, I'm going to public land to hunt, so I'll just go for the climber. Seems to be the easiest to carry around and good for archery. I'm so pumped for deer season!
Didn't realize you were hunting only public. I'd definitely buy a climber, unless you're going to haul out the bottom 2 sections of ladder with you after every hunt.

Cky hunter

Feb 24, 2016
I am partial to Summit but actually have had zero complaints out of my old API. I actually prefer the chain to the snake cable safety-wise. Tried a homemade Baker once way back in the day and that was enough for me.

To this day I am still amazed at all the people that used a climbing stand with no hand climber......just bear-hugging the tree with your arms. Tried it once and that was enough.


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Sep 27, 2013
I have the X Stand, weighs in at 11.5 pounds and a couple years ago it was the lightest climber on the market. Rated for 300 lbs and I love it, wide base and feels like you're not packing anything with it on your back. Very quiet, as well.

Lots of trees don't work with climbers and ladders, so now I primarily use my Lone Wolf and their sticks attach nicely to the stand. I hate having to select a tree to fit my stand, so I use the climber less and less.

KY Swamp Beagler

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Feb 20, 2011
the swamps of western KY
I'd go with a climber on public land. I've never found any stand regardless of style that didn't hurt my back on all day sits.

Be sure to buy a good safety harness and long pull up rope for your bow or rifle. And obviously make sure the gun is unloaded and the barrel pointed away from you when pulling it up.

Climbing up and down a stand is when most accidents occur.

Teach Deer

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Aug 4, 2013
KY Swamp Beagler...

The original Tree Lounge with bow adapter (foot platform) is the stand you need for an all day sit...I use to put my father's on trees in the yard and take naps in it...with the ability to stand up and stretch your only limitation really is food and really is as comfortable as a lounge chair...

The only negative is that it weighs in at 46 pounds and it projects about 5 feet away from the tree (I would always try to set it so that it was above a branch from an adjacent tree)...but if you have property where you can set it on your favorite tree and leave it (after transporting it with an ATV/UTV/tractor) your back will appreciate you...

Dad would use the stand in late season and take a sleeping bag with him...get in stand, climb in sleeping bag, lay back comfortably (the angle of the stand can also be crudely adjusted from sitting to pretty much fully reclined)... He positions the stand just to the left of the mock scrape and salt lick we set up...being left handed he almost never has to do more than pull the trigger on his crossbow...absolutely lethal setup...


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Oct 29, 2015
Your telling your age. lol We used to hug the tree to climb, only had the bottom piece. Those were the days.
I only had a bottom piece lol it was gave to me, after I tried using it hugging tree making my own top piece, I figured the original top piece was still up in a tree somewhere lol


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May 12, 2016
Corbin, Ky
For many years after the Bakers I continued using just the bottom section, it's all I needed then. I had a Loggy after the Baker with a seat that folded up off the bottom. Now I'm old!!


Dec 12, 2001
Garrard County, Ky
Your telling your age. lol We used to hug the tree to climb, only had the bottom piece. Those were the days.

I still have the aluminum hand climber that came with my Baker. On one morning hunt, still dark, I hit a small crook in the tree with the platform that I thought I could get around. It didn't work out and I did a 360 around the tree slinging the platform off my feet which hit the ground. I chocked the hand climber in good, so I thought, and shimmed down the tree. As soon as my feet hit the ground the hand climber came loose and popped me in the head. Luckily I have a hard head and it only made a small cut but darn near knocked me out!