Deer Rifle Poll

What do you think are folks' favorite deer rifle chamberings for Kentucky Modern Weapons Season.

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12 pointer
Feb 20, 2013
La Grange
I have a Marlin lever-action .44 mag. I'm too old and impatient for tracking and dragging.

I'd really like to have a Henry .44 mag....but I'd probably baby the thing and never take it into the weeds and briars.

Most of the guys I know use a 270 but they are younger and more willing to take shots that I just don't feel comfortable taking anymore.


12 pointer
Jun 28, 2012
Air Rifle.

Nothing wrong with any of the choices. Personal preference. I think a 270 is hard to beat. I use a ML more than anything, even during modern gun.


8 pointer
Jun 19, 2016
It's blasphemy to some but I bow hunt for rifle season. I did same thing back in day for Michigan gun season" shotgun zone"
That being said I picked up my grandpa's old win model 94 30-30 last year and have shot it a bit and love it. Might take it out this fall for grandpa!

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