Deer patterns


6 pointer
Aug 14, 2012
Campbellsville ky
deer patterns must be changing . I've been having some decent bucks on camera innhe past weeks . I went today and pulled my cards and checked them and the last 2 weeks I haven't had a buck on any of my cameras . Any of you all having this same thing happening ?


10 pointer
Sep 29, 2013
Yelp all the bucks I had on cam are gone I guess the acorns falling has changed them a few of my buddy's are having the same problem but I am also in the blue tongue zone this has been a rough season so far lost my farm this year had cam stolen all the deer I was getting on cam is gone now my dad is in pretty bad shape .


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Dec 26, 2004
Western Ky.
Yes, food sources as well as hormone change with hard racks. It's time for the bachelor groups to break up and become more nocturnal as well. It gets tougher but not impossible. Getting lucky never hurts either.


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Feb 25, 2007
That is why I killed my 2017 Buck opening weekend, he was coming in on a string, every evening! I was afraid he would change it up and be nocturnal any day.


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Dec 9, 2013
Yep they changed i got a pic of a buck . thats differnt lol. I lost my hunting spot this year and was lazy so i was happy to get one buck on cam.


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Aug 4, 2014
SouthCentral KY
Everybody loves them some acorns though. Every year that there are any acorns they start falling and they make the deer harder to hunt and every year you have people argue that acorns are great. Yet again acorns have started falling and for most of us its the same old story. The deer are logically and predictably dispersed and unpatternable.

Next we will have someone show up and tell us how we just have to know how to walk around in the woods with those mature bucks in the 88 degree heat and scout out which trees they are eating under and hang a stand there. Easy peasy. They are sure to ignore our funk and intrusion and keep eating under that same cluster of white oaks till we get the wind right and get in there and schwack them on a different 88 degree afternoon. Hunt the acorns they said... they're great they said. LOL
Jul 12, 2015
Lots of acorns around for sure.

I havent seen a deer in weeks. That blue tongue his hitting them hard this year. over a month ago there was 50 running around on my property, if not more. They carried about 30 dead deer out of a church parking lot this past month. One of them a huge 8 point I have been after for 3 years