Deer drop vs run off experience


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Nov 7, 2003
Really to get an animal to drop on the spot, you pretty much have to damage the CNS, otherwise the brain is still active and can get them moving at least a little bit. Broken shoulders, hearts blown in half, deer are still capable of taking at least a few steps.

I have shot them with 223, 6.8spc, 270, 308, 30-06, 20ga, and 12ga. The fastest dropper of them all was the 12 ga shooting Winchester BRIs. Makes a big hole straight through the deer. The first deer I shot with that was standing in front of a tree. When I walked up to the spot he was at, the tree looked like it was painted red. That buck was 7 yards away from where I shot it. Most deer I have shot ran 5 to 30 yards, but easily recovered. Only a few dropped on the spot. The only deer I lost, was a doe that I must have hit too far forward in the chest.


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Oct 4, 2018
I hunt with a .308, and core-lokt bullets, and can't remember the last time I had to track a deer. The last 1 that even took an extra step, was a herd doe last year that I took the top half of her heart out, and she was dead within less than 50 yards. The rest have pretty much all folded right where they were standing. I'm all for breaking the shoulder, and anchoring them right where they are. I'm too old to be tracking deer, so I am very sure of my shot, and let deer pass that I don't like the shot on. Like has been said; it's primarily about shot placement. For me there is nothing wrong with either the .308, or the core-lokt rounds. Both work just fine for me.
Oct 13, 2017
The closest I ever came to a "drop in its tra

Killed a 230# buck from 40 yards with a hot .45-70. Both lungs and heart were all pudding and it made it near 100 yards.

I'm pretty good at heart lung shots and they always seem to make me work for them. .50 muzzle loader, .30-30, .30-06, .45-70,. 44 mag, 2015 Sierra Z71 - multiples with all of those (except the truck).
A deer can live for 15 seconds with no blood going to it's brain , A deer can cover 100 flat running wide open in 15 seconds .


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Aug 23, 2011
I've not had a deer run out of sight with a 25.06 core lokt.... The last 4 bucks I shot didn't go 20 feet combined.
The buck I shot Sunday morning was shot through the lungs at 100 yards. Blew a hole out the other side nearly as big as my fist. He ran about 75 yards. Not a lot of blood on the ground.


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Apr 3, 2007
i have shot deer with 243,25/06,270,7mm-08,7mm rem mag, 7mm rem ultra mag, 300 win mag and a 50 cal muzzle loader, my dad mainly uses a 30/06 and has used a 308 a few times,along with a 45 cal muzzle loader he usually shoots right behind the shoulder. a lot of times i shoot in the back of the shoulder about 1/4-1/2 way up on the shoulder blade and i have only had a few drop where they stand, most run less than 50 yards. i have dropped most of the ones i have shot in the neck. the buck i killed a few years ago with my 7 mm ultra mag was shot quartering to me through the shoulder and he took off running so i shot again hitting him in the neck and he still ran prob another 20 yards before stopping, i was about to shoot again when he fell. my buck this year was shot at 225 yards with 7mm-08 shooting a 140 grain nosler accubond. he was slightly quartering, the bullet exited through his offside shoulder and half of his heart as missing but he still ran prob 50-75 yards. the doe connor killed last week with my 7mm-08 was quartering to us and he shot her high center shoulder and she just folded, on the video you could see she never hardly moved after the shot. the buck my dad killed this year was shot 3 times behind the shoulder and twice through the neck and he still didn't want to stay down, there was a big hole behind the shoulder where he kept hitting in in the same spot and its lungs was in pieces. the neck wasnt worth keeping anything off.


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Oct 7, 2015
More shot placement than caliber. Break shoulder, spine or neck and no tracking required. If you hit behind the shoulder they run. I currently hunt mainly with a 308, 165 gr fusions. Bullets perform great and whether I hit shoulder and drop em or they run off some no problem finding them.

Only caliber I’ve had 0 tracking jobs with is the 257 weatherby. Just my experience but every one I’ve shot with it was DRT. All fell like they were pole axed. Lot of energy transfer with that little 110 gr accubond


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Feb 20, 2005
Allen co. Ky.
What kind of nosler bullet? Most of the deer I shoot behind the shoulder travel 50 yds or so. An accubond or partition (not needed for deer imo) behind the shoulder they run a few yards. A berger or sierra gameking HPBT or nosler ballistic tip drops em fast in my experience. I always want to hit behind the shoulder. Shoulder shots ruin too much meat for me.
Same here. Been using .308 handload nosler ballistic tips since about 88-89 i think. Also had really good luck with the Winchester ballistic silver tips in .308, 7mm-08 and .243. Its about like a small gernade exploding in a deer. Shot placement is the key no matter what we are throwing at them.

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