Deer drop vs run off experience


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Sep 1, 2011
Eubank, Ky
I've hunted with everything from a 20 gauge to .243 to a 30.06 and rarely have I dropped one in its tracks. A handful that I can think of. I always try to shoot the crease behind the front shoulder but have taken one or tow chest shots and some shoulder shots. In saying that 95 percent of my deer travel some distance after shot. Most often less than 50 yards with a rifle. One or two that were shot kinda back went further but that's it.

Trapper Delk

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Feb 10, 2020
Central Kentucky.
Most drop in tracks, couple ran short piece not more than 50 yards in fields.
I hunt a ridge that is very steep and don't want to drag up hill longest shot in them woods 100 yards so it'd neck shot never had one move after that


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Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
So been hunting with a .308 165 grain nosler. All 3 deer that have been shot with this rifle have been behind the shoulder up about 4-6 inches. Every deer has made it 100 yds before piling up. I used to hunt with a 30/06 and nearly every deer dropped.

Q. How many people experience deer dropping tracks vs deer running out of site (say 75yds or more).
What kind of nosler bullet? Most of the deer I shoot behind the shoulder travel 50 yds or so. An accubond or partition (not needed for deer imo) behind the shoulder they run a few yards. A berger or sierra gameking HPBT or nosler ballistic tip drops em fast in my experience. I always want to hit behind the shoulder. Shoulder shots ruin too much meat for me.
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Dec 13, 2016
Im gonna, leave this one alone, but for the ones that think corelokts are junk, and think they wont kill deer, i could set here half the night posting pics, of dead bucks, that if could talk would disagree with you. But to each his own, i really dont care who shoots them or not, i wish less people shot them right now , so a person could buy a box. Im not trying to brag on my bucks, or anything like that. But if your losing bucks with a 3006 , 150 or 180 its not the ammo, with all that being said, i hope everybody with whatever they use. Can get a quick kill and a short drag.


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Jan 26, 2009
northern ky
If they are running they aren't being hit in the right place, a heart shot and lung shot is for archery!
Gun shots should be put where they break them down on the spot!
Deer go along way with the pump shut off but don't go to far when the legs and pump are gone, corelocks are great bullets but ammo company like to try and sell high dollar ammo as the best new thing, stop over thinking things.

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Feb 10, 2020
Central Kentucky.
This got me to thinking so I checked
and it's what I been shooting,
No complaints from me

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