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    Over the years I feel like I have had to research all of this stuff. Quick summary of what I’ve learned , mostly smell like nothing, quiet in and out , mind the wind , don’t leave good spot for hawk, squirrel . Bobcat alarm, shoot coyotes every chance and hunt over them. If a doe blows and trots off casually who knows and even if you are straight stomp busted , don’t move . Curiosity brings out wildlife in my opinion. If your getting busted cuz bad set up then different deal, and oh yeah wear a lifeline, say a prayer , and try to be ethical. Have fun , and teach a kid
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    I carry binoculars while on stand. I see a lot more deer than I ever did without them. Granted, they may be several hundred yards through the woods, but there is always an opportunity to learn. On Grindstone, if a deer gets your wind, they are more likely to turn and leave without making a peep. On one of the Owen County farms, it's 50/50. Sometimes they blow and lose their minds. Other times, they simply head back where they came from without much fuss. On another farm, they are going to make sure you know they've busted you. Those deer are quick to make a ruckus.
    One deer has no idea what another deer is blowing at unless they are together. Even then, I've seen one deer react by blowing, and the other deer with them continue to browse without any reaction at all.
    I've seen deer cut my trail and react like they've been hit by lightning. Other deer seem to move along with no regard to the scent that I've left while walking in.
    IMO, if they smell you, but don't know exactly where you are, you're good. If they know where you are and can pinpoint you, and they are a mature doe or buck, they'll check you out the next time your in there. I used to hunt from hang-on stands. I use two ladder stands on Grindstone, but may only hunt them two times a year. I use a climber 99% of the time I hunt, and I rarely climb the same tree two times in a season. I don't want deer patterning me. I'll drive my Ranger in to hunt but never park in the same spot.
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    Saw one blow at a chipmunk this morning. Twice. Lol. Never stopped eating. But, when it started raining, she got spooky as hell. Rain on the leaves was loud and she didn’t like it at all.

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