12 pointer
Dec 14, 2001
Up in the woods above Lake Malone
That a new one on me... a crappie decoy that is. They do use decoys in the sport of spearing sturgeon thru the ice in some places north. I don't think a crappie decoy tho. Most look like suckers an being sturgeon are curious fish they will investigate. Just think cutting a hole in the ice the size of your front door an standing hour after hour waiting for a fish of legal size to swim close enough to throw a large gig at.


6 pointer
Feb 20, 2002
I've got a cousin that uses a decoy up in Minnesota when he spear fishes for Northern Pike. He suspends it just under the surface and waits inside his ice-house. It sounds like alot of fun. The decoy just looks like a large minnow that is painted red and white.

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