Decoy Spread for turkeys


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Oct 30, 2013
What kind of decoy set up are you guys using this spring?

Right now I have 3 dozen Eastern hens, along with two dozen jakes, and a half dozen fully flocked strutter decoys. I think I'm gonna use the J hook pattern with the Mojo Gobbler on the inside edge. Then I'll set the layout blinds on either side of the spread according to wind direction that morning.

Should be good hunt. They've been loafing in this field every morning for a week straight. I just hope the Mojo doesn't flare them.

Does that sound good to you guys? Is one Mojo enough??

I miss duck season


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Feb 21, 2007
I prefer a pit blind. Got breakfast cooking in the back room while I enjoy a cup of coffee and listen for the first gobble of the morning.


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Jun 28, 2012
Dang. I do like 2 hens and a jake, total!

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Nov 4, 2006
Not here anymore
I prefer a much much bigger spread. I use "yellow minis", available by the bushel at any feed store. Spread twenty to thirty thousand yellow minis in the deadly X pattern, and they will come!

Marsh CallUser

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May 20, 2011
Bowling Green, KY
It's all wrong. An X decoy pattern is the best, with the mojo strut in the middle of the X, 2 sneaky jakes trying to sneak in on the upwind side of the X. Put your layout blind on the down wind side of the spread right next to the dominant hen. Wait for the money shot.


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Apr 10, 2009
What about the deer confidence decoys? Set away from the spread you don't want to crowd them!

I really think you are onto something here. Put the deer out there, I have a 3d beaver target, couple of crow's, maybe toss in a groundhog and passing skunk deke. Basically make the field look like a Hollywood production. Remember takes a village.


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Nov 28, 2013
All one needs is a big section of mirror to hide behind. With this method you can literally walk up to the turkeys and hand grab them. I often use this method to measure birds Spurs and beard before harvesting them to avoid ground shrinkage.

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