Dads gun did it again Part 2


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Aug 29, 2011
Well my little man filled his buck tag this morning. It was not his target buck but still a trophy!!! We had a doe come running through about 9:15 and I told him when she ran through there should be a buck behind her by the way she was running. We sat there for 10 minutes waiting for the buck to show. Finally he took his ear muffs off and said I guess he is not coming. About 5 minutes later he came running in. By the time we got ready he was back in the woods. I grabbed the grunt call and grunted one time and he turned and ran right back out in the field. I pulled the hammer back on the 30-30 and he made the shot. As soon as he shot he turned around and said I got him dad!!! The look on his face was just as priceless as the last 2 he has killed. We sat there for a few minutes and all of the sudden he got the shaky leg disease!!! I told him buck fever is bad isn’t it. He said sure is Dad but it’s worth it. He then asked who would papaw be more proud of me or him for killing the deer. I told him he would be more proud of you son!!! He just gave me that smile!!! As for the tracking job we looked for blood in the field and could not find any. I told him to go to where he ran in the woods and look there. By the time I got up there he said we don’t have to track him Dad he is laying right there. He didn’t go 40 yards. We have truly been blessed and I thank God for everything he has given us and all the memories!!!
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Aug 23, 2011
Don't get any better than that!!!!! My daughter is 24, and finally mentioned deer hunting, maybe. She went turkey hunting once and killed a big 3 year old... My favorite hunting memory. Dunno if that comes to fruition, but I sure hope to have grandkids to take someday. I've had the pleasure of seeing a couple dozen kids kill their first deer or turkey, and loved every second of it. Sure hope to take grandkids some day.


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Dec 13, 2016
Congratulations, to you both, he has a big smile, and im sure yours is just as big, cant get any better than that.

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