CVA Optima V2

Mt Pokt

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Nov 8, 2018
Campbell County
Over the weekend a new Optima V2 followed me home from a raffle, but I need another muzzle loader like I need another hole in my head.

I have a 15-20 year old Traditions Buck Stalker that's taken several deer. It's a great shooting little rifle and earned it's keep, but it's older and lacks some of the newer features. Truth be told, it's not been hunting since I brought the Strikerfire home from the same raffle a few years back.

The Vortek Strikerfire is an absolute tack driver. <3" groups at 200 yards and can hit that 3" circle at 200 yards on the first shot from a cold bore. I haven't had the chance to hunt it much, unfortunately.

I don't have a favorite brand. It's merely a coincidence that the other two are Traditions.

I'm torn though as to whether or not to keep the V2 and bump another from the safe, or pass it on. It's stainless with black synthetic so it's nothing fancy, but it's shorter and lighter than my Strikerfire, and about the same size as the ol' Buck Stalker.

It does have a few features the Buck Stalker lacks, but does a man really need two of (essentially) the same muzzle loader? Especially since either would be a woods only rifle or a backup.

Sell the Optima?
Sell the BuckStalker?
Keep 'em both?
Sell 'em both?

What say you?


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Aug 11, 2016
The Optima is a nice muzzleloader. I have one, as well as the CVA Accura. I am a CVA fan, but I doubt it will shoot any better than the Strikeforce you have based on your groups. Therefore, I would probably sell it and keep the Buck Stalker as a backup.

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