Cruise anyone?


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Sep 13, 2003
Hey guys and gals,
I’m thinking of surprising my wife with a cruise and I’ve never been on one so I thought I’d ask you experts where’s the best value and quality for Carribean cruises? East or western? Which line do you prefer and suggest?
Thanks again in advance for all your help.


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Jun 28, 2012
Haven’t been on one either. My wife and I have talked about doing the 80s Cruise sometime. Would be a fun party for a couple old farts! One I saw that looked awesome but is costly is a NW cruise from Northern Cali all the way up that area to Alaska. The Caribbean ones are the best deals financially.


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Aug 29, 2005
marion county
we have been on 8. 1 on Princess. 1 on Norwegian. 6 on Carnival.
my opinion Carnival is the best. cleanliness and entertainment on the ship is a-one.

the best cruise for me was no doubt Alaska. would go again tomorrow. my wife likes the Carribbean because she prefers the warmer weather.

the Caribbean ones are great because of the weather. go on their website and look at the cruises. just depends where you want to go.


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Dec 13, 2001
Go in the winter to get away from the KY winter...Jan or Feb for value. Carnival since you mentioned the V word. Ports depend on what you and your wife would like to do.


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Jan 8, 2009
We have been on 25 or so cruises. I like Celebrity best.
The bigger the ship the better the entertainment options, but the bigger the crowds.
Excursions pt on by the cruise line are expensive and crowded. You can often see the same things by either walking or taking a cab and save money.
If you like peace and quiet, get a room with a balcony.
Lots of people drink too much the first day and get roasted by the pool. The Caribbean sun is HOT.
Expect “ gratuities” to be added to your bill.
If you drive down, you can find motels that will let you leave your car and save a fortune in parking.
Have fun. It can be a very relaxing vacation.

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Nov 6, 2013
West KY
I've been on a few with Carnival. Most of them stop in Cozumel. Mr. Sanchoz beach is great, just watch how much you drink. I vaguely remember going back to the boat. Our favorite stop was Grand Cayman out of all of them (both east and west). Snorkeling the coral reef in Belize was awesome. Just about all the islands available for port are all the same geographically and economically outside of the port area. Jamaica sucks, everyone hits you up to buy some "Bob Marley", I really want to go to Aruba in a bad way.

Tips: Get a carnival credit card (I almost have enough points for a free cruise). Prepay your gratuity fees. Choose a large boat with stabilizers. Get a room near lido deck in the center of the boat (lido is normally around deck 9), all activities are on that deck and center of boat you won't feel it moving or the noise. Don't let the excursions scare you. Carnival will try to get you to use only their approved ones, I have done it both ways and it wasn't bad for either. Heads up, your wife will want to buy all the expensive photos the staff takes of you during the week. Formal dining each night is a must (try new things), Dress up formal night is nice and provides great photo opportunities, your wife will want to buy these for sure. You will feel like a movie star. Also, take electrical cord with multiple outlets. The rooms only have like 1 outlet per room. Get a balcony room, it's worth it to sit outside on the deck late afternoon with a nice drink and relax. Last but not least I can think of off the top of my head is make sure to take air freshener for the bathroom. There are no vents and the smell you leave after a morning dump will linger a long time.


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Sep 9, 2012
Butler co
He is right on the one plug deal. We usually get our excursions after we get off the ship. We’ve had no issues doing so.

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