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Discussion in 'General Hunting' started by flyingnectar, Nov 29, 2020.

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    I have taught several right handed people to shoot left handed because they were left eye dominant. It is better to teach them the correct way to shoot than to try and force them to shoot they way you are use to. It is easier for new shooters to learn to shoot left handed but I have taught long time shooters to hunt left handed when they realize they are left eye dominant.
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    I've tried shooting without a peep, but don't shoot nearly as good......
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    Depending on how much someone has been shooting, it's possible to teach them to shoot left handed. We did that with a couple of girls "the kid" brought home back in college. They were trying to shoot right handed & missing everything in sight. Finally I was like "for God's sake, check their dominant eye!!!!" Sure 'nuff, they were both right handed, left eye dominant trying to shoot right handed. Switched them to shooting left hand & they were hitting the target at least 90% of the time. You can also block the dominant eye with tape or something to force to the other.

    My husband has his right eye set for distance vision which causes problems with his scope so he's learned to compensate by either closing it OR shooting left handed. (He can shoot equally well either handed - it's not fair!)
  4. Don't sell yourself short. I am Left handed but am Right eye dominant. I learned to shoot right handed early on. Have been an avid hunter since I was a kid and a shooting sports competitor in IPSC/USPSA, PRS/NRL-22, NRA Hi-Power and even shot on the rimfire rifle team in college. Just this summer won a benchrest rifle national championship all while shooting right handed. I often shoot with both eyes open so I can pickup on changing wind conditions for long range shots. I will say that I do suck at shooting skeet though. It is just one of those things that I should probably do left handed, lol. Strangely, it never seemed to hurt my skill at dove hunts. Overall, it has not been a serious handicap.
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    Does anyone else see
    I’m happy to have an excuse to fall back on every time I miss lol
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    She needs to learn to shoot left handed.
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    She can do that too. Whatever she wants.
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    The correct way is to go with her dominant eye. But I never did. I shoot bow right handed and a gun either handed left eye dominant. I guess I adjusted to it growing up. When I was younger I was a decent 3D bow shooter.
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    One can train themselves to use either eye. I shoot a bow right handed and gun/crossbow left handed. Had to learn with a right handed bow because my old man was right handed. Started with an eye patch then was able to shoot well with just closing my eye. Practice is all it takes.
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    Had friend in our preteen years I was getting him into bow hunting he could use either hand but couldn't close one eye either side a pice of tape fixed that after a while of shooting he got to where he could close one eye
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    Interesting thread. I am finally picking up my new glasses today and am left eye dominant, right-handed while ambidextrous when advantageous regarding a few sports and many tasks. I never close an eye and simply shift my focus, but I cannot really explain how I manage to do so, other than intent concentration. I do notice a greater awareness of that process these days, though. I can also mirror write with ease, which I never knew until I tried it, but such is predominately characteristic of left-handed individuals. Some of you should try it.
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    Guarding my lovely bluebirds
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    This is so funny to me. But if it comes to a long gun you are dominant in the eye that you dont close so it doesnt really matter lol.
    Pistol can be a little different but again you can always just close your eye or partially close it.
    My husband has cross eye dominance and thats all he does.
    My eyes switch dominance but the eye thats closed doesnt matter anyway.
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    I think I'm cross-eye dominate but not really sure.
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    You related to Trust Me

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