Creepy experiences while hunting

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  1. BlueGrassVW

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    Mar 17, 2007
    Where the blacktop ends
    Figured it would be interesting to hear everyone's strange encounters while hunting/camping/fishing.

    I'll start.

    Pendelton County: I was in high school at the time and heading back home from the back 40 following a creek. I didn't use flashlights at the time and knew my route well. I started hearing something pacing me on the opposite side of the creek maybe 20 yards back. When I stopped it would stop, when I started again it started again. Chalked it up as coyotes or a dog. Creepy though.

    Colorado: hunting elk in the White River area. The area we were hunting had various predator sign all over the place. (Big Cat, bear, coyotes) I was heading back toward camp and had just came up out of a very deep gulch. Checked my bearings on my GPS and figured I had about 1-1.5hrs left before I hit camp. As soon as I dropped my hand down and started to camp this overwhelming sense of dread over came me. I'm talking straight fear, I tried to rationalize the fear in my head and my body would not allow me to calm. Took off in a panic not giving two shits about the noise I was making just crashing through scrub oak. After what seemed like forever I stumbled into a buddy of mine. As soon as I cleared the scrub oak he looked at me like wtf are you doing. I instantly felt safe when I saw him and gave him no explanation of why I was cutting through the brush like that.

    We were also charged by a sow that trip when we ran across her cubs. That was interesting.

    Let's hear some!
  2. GTbowhunter

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    Aug 26, 2020
    Back when I still lived in Georgia, my dad, younger brother and I were in a club. They're called clubs down there, not farms. Anyways, I took my brother with me one evening, he probably wasn't more than 11 or 12 years old.

    That evening he ended up shooting a small buck with me, in the double buddy. It was one of those situations where the deer drops, lays there for a minute and then gets up. At dark, we got down to search for blood and we had no luck, so we sat down on a dry creek bed to wait for my pops to show up with the cavalry. I had this feeling that something was off and we were sitting in the pitch dark. My brother was oblivious as we sat there in the dark, completely silent. The dark doesn't bother me so I had my light off, but something wasn't right. So, I flicked my flashlight on and I shit you not, we were surrounded by 7 or 8 coyotes.

    I wasn't carrying a pistol, but I had my rifle so I grabbed my brother as he started balling and completely freaking out and I guess his reaction spooked them off, because they spun outta there. It was very scary because we didn't hear a damn thing and they got right up on us, within 15 yards. Who knows what might've happened. Never happened since or before.
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  3. EdLongshanks

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    Nov 16, 2013
    Northern Kentucky
    Great thread idea!! What do you think caused you to panic in Colorado?
  4. GTbowhunter

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    Aug 26, 2020
    Another scenario, I was just a young boy. Dad just started letting me hunt alone, so being no more than 13, I took off down the trail to my stand. Its morning and pitch dark and I was probably 150 yards from my stand when something (later I learned was a bobcat) let out the loudest, most blood curdling shriek I've ever heard. I thought there was a damn woman being murdered or a demon following me. I took off in a dead sprint until I hit the bottom rung of my ladder stand.

    Those damn south Georgia woods hold some spooooooky shit.
  5. BlueGrassVW

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    Mar 17, 2007
    Where the blacktop ends
    No idea. My only thought is that my 6th sense was telling me I was in trouble. Maybe a cat had its eyes on me? Whatever it was, I don't want it to happen again.
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  6. BlueGrassVW

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    Mar 17, 2007
    Where the blacktop ends
    That's a good one....
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    NOCAMST 6 pointer

    Oct 9, 2017
    Central ky
    I got two… first one starting when I was about 10 during fall break every year my mom would drop me off at the farm and I would bow hunt by myself untill around 9:30 when my grandpa would come out to the farm and ride up on the ridge and blow the horn telling me it was time to start booking tobacco but anyhow I was walking in one morning and heard the must awful squall and scared me absolutely to death. I ran full speed to my stand lol and it ended up being a bobcat which at the time we had never saw one in the area period. The next one is funny but we rented a farm a few miles from the house to cut hay and run cattle on and it had a nice creek running through it and one summer evening I hoped in the old farm truck and wanted to go catch some rock bass in the creek and I couldn’t have been no more than 13 or 14 but there was an old lady that owned the farm and she had a old farm house and a small garden she would come down and tend to. So I was barreling down the old gravel road headed to the creek and I look up and the old woman who is in her 60’s and all over 275 lbs was tilling her garden topless! I locked that old truck up and high tailed it out of there! I was mortified lol she called and told my parents before I could even get home lol
  8. Redlined

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    Sep 23, 2005
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    275 in her 60's and topless, dayum. I wanna say something clever, but my smartass is speechless.
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  9. Little FR

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    Nov 10, 2021
    West Kentucky
    I was turkey hunting and thought I heard a turkey or a squirrel behind me, wasn’t going to turn. Then I heard a loud crash in the underbrush and a hog squealing sound. I began turning and shouldering my 16ga and a fox runs under the end of my gun barrel with a screaming squirrel in its mouth. I couldn’t even react.

    Ive had some close calls with wounded coyotes charging me and bobcats, that sort of thing but I always tell my daughter not to be scared “I” am the scariest thing in the woods.

    That being said, the only time I ever honestly thought I was going to die was when I slipped into a blind in dark in spring. Then as it began to break daylight I heard something, then started feeling what felt like dew dripping on me… hit a light, hundreds of red wasps in the ceiling and on me waking up. I’m severely allergic. Threw my Ithaca out the window, picked up whole side of blind, threw it off me and knelt down and prayed.
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    OLE RASPY 12 pointer

    Sep 9, 2018
    Barren county
    Bout all blinds are good for in the spring my opinion. Same has happened to me.
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  11. Lady Hunter

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    Jan 12, 2009
    Okay, y'all can laugh at me if you want but it's been over 20 years & I still don't know what the heck happened...

    Was hunting an old farm near our house that we used to have access to & was in a tree stand overlooking an old garden spot. Had been there for several hours & not seen a darned thing. All of a sudden I heard the most gosh-awful screaming (kinda like a cross between an elk bugling & a hog squealing) and SOMETHING came crashing thru the woods towards me on the other side of the field. You could hear big sticks breaking and whatever it was never stopped screaming.

    I had my rifle up & aiming that direction because whatever it was sounded PISSED OFF and you could tell it was BIG from all the crashing. About the time I could see the bushes thrashing around & less than 10 feet from where it would have come out into the field, I guess it saw or smelled me because it just STOPPED. No movement. Dead silence. Then it flat out ROARED and took off back the way it came, screaming at the top of it's lungs & moving so fast you could actually hear the sound fade as it moved.

    Y'all I'm not gonna lie - my heart was going so fast that I started shaking & couldn't even climb down from the tree.

    About half an hour later, I heard something behind me & my husband was heading thru the woods towards my stand. When he got there, his eyes were about as big as saucers as he asked "WHAT THE HE** WAS THAT??????" He'd been up on the ridge behind me & heard it. We went across the field and it looked like a bulldozer had been thru where whatever-it-was went. Small saplings ripped out of the ground, good sized limbs broken everywhere. We followed the trail up to a power line near an old barn & lost it. We guessed it stayed in the cleared area.

    The next day, we got our dogs & headed back to that same area. One of them was a wolf-mix who wasn't afraid of ANYTHING (the neighbors pit bull pack - 13 of them - dug thru our fence one day & came after her, she killed over half of them before the rest got out of our yard) and when we got back to that part of the farm, her tail went between her legs and she started pushing against our legs, trying to push us back away from that area. We couldn't even drag her on at that point. She was having none of it!

    I've spent most of my life roaming the woods & to this day can't figure out what it could have been.
  12. bgkyarcher

    bgkyarcher 12 pointer

    Aug 23, 2011
    Walking into spider webs in the dark.......... Geez I freak out every time. I hate damn spiders. Had a coon that had been using my blind as a nest one year. He ambled up one morning just after daylight, hell bent on getting in that blind. I kicked him in the face 3-4 times before he finally gave up. Climbed a tree about 10 yards away, went in a hole, and stared at me the whole morning. lol.
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  13. luvtohunt

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    Sep 1, 2011
    Eubank, Ky
    Once when I was in my teens, just starting out turkey hunting, I was alone on a gobbler in the hills of East Ky. He was henned up and I was doing my best to get him to pull away just a smidge to come check me out. We did the dance for probably an hour but I couldn't' get him any closer than 75 yards and finally his hens got fed up and led him away from me. After their departure it got eerily quiet, like the birds stopped chirping and everything it seemed and I got this weird feeling that I was being watched. I jumped up and wheeled around to look behind me, gun in hand, and a bobcat was crouched not 5-6 feet behind my tree ready to pounce. Well it scared the shit out of both of us because we both tucked tail and ran the other way as fast as we could. I got about 75 yards down the holler and realized my pack was still laying next to the tree. Another time turkey hunting on a friends farm much later in life, I walk into this small clover patch he had a blind set up on about an hour before day break just so I could get a good listen in and see where the turkeys were roosted. So not long after I get set up and ready I hear one of those dying lady type screams to my right. The entirety of time that it was dark this scream continued and got closer and closer. It was close enough at one point that I was turned looking at the back of the blind gun in hand ready to fire as I thought this beast was going to rip open the blind and kill me. Later saw the bobcat and it clicked lol. My last one occurred when I was just a pup, no older than 9-10. I grew up in the era where a kid could be trusted to take his BB gun and go off in the woods all day and not get hurt so that's what I was doing on this day. Along with my older cousin and a few old mutt dogs we had were walking an old auger road, checking for black berries and looking for squirrels. No squirrel season was not in but at that time I really didn't care. Not like I was hitting them anyway. Well we come up out of this small ditch that intersected the auger road and hear a loud growl and what sounds like bones breaking. The dogs who are at our feet tuck tail and begin to whimper all the way to the bottom of the mountain leaving us in the dust. We see a dark shadow in the briar patch working toward us but we don't stay to see what it was and we follow the dogs. Now as an adult I believe that what we saw was a black bear chuffing and popping its teeth but at that time, bears were few and far between in East Ky.
  14. Little FR

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    Nov 10, 2021
    West Kentucky
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  15. KYote-Krusher

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    Jan 12, 2006
    South Central Kentucky

    I'm not laughing ... what a story!! :eek::eek:
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