Creeking 2023


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May 27, 2016
Exactly add in the fact that they get a good spawn off every 3-7 years it’s a wonder we have good stream smallmouth fishing at all.

As you stated there are much easier and better eating fish out there if anyone is looking for a meal.
Some old heads can’t resist a big string full of smallies for Instagram or the grease.
I hate when spawn hits and it just gets dry. The spawn has a much better chance if we get consistent rain/even flooding once spawn completes. I just wish they would eliminate take all together on streams. Few things in life have pumped me up more than the first 21 inch smallie I caught on topwater. It bothers me to know that the fishery could be 1000 times better if people would abstain from eating smallmouth. A lot of the smallmouth streams near me hold channel cats as well which are much better eating. Hell I catch rainbows all the time in another. Maybe that tradition of keeping smallies will die-off with the old heads

B.M. Barrelcooker

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Jan 12, 2006
I have caught both at carr. Not enough to fool with. Maybe I’m not a good enough fisherman to catch em.
Nothing wrong with legally keeping a few smallies to eat. I don’t think anyone is judging especially if you are getting a young one out and teaching.

Now the guys that keep a big stringer with a go pro strapped on just to be an instagraph hero ……those guys can take a hike.


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Aug 3, 2021
Between The Bridges
Not sure what an old head is but when I was a teenager a saw a old man loading his boat up when I got to the creek. He had two fish on a stringer that were around 20 inches long. Asked him what those were and he told me musky. I didn’t even know what musky were. I used to see his truck there several times a week on my way home from school. Always wondered how many of those fish he took out of that hole and how bad he hurt it. It was in kinnikonick

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