Creed Fisher Show Report

JR in KY

12 pointer
Jan 25, 2006
The Occupied South

General Admission, Standing Room Only. NO seats in the Old Barn Theater.
I don't know what the attendance was but it was tickets were in the 440s so I would guess maybe 700. Big Rowdy Crowd but well behaved. Creed does a really Patriotic show and honors the Military, Police and First Responders several times.
No joebiden voters were in the building going by the FJB apparel.

A shot toward the Rear which was Full to the wall.

Some folks even got to meet old Creed.

Y'all missed a great show and would have fit right in with all the MAGA folks.

I was probably the Oldest SOB in the building and Friends I never Saw Before kept buying me Beer and shoving it in my hands. Passed most on to others, but I was Well Hydrated.
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