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  1. ljblue

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    Dec 15, 2008
    I got a FoxPro Inferno for Father's Day. Grandma said the last several nights she has heard coyotes down in the bottoms right before dark. Never coyote hunted before. Been reading a lot and watching videos. What would you suggest. Where she's been hearing them is really a great place for me to setup and I can see an open strip through the currently really tall hay field for about 200 yards. At this time of year should I just stick with rabbit distress or should I try fawn distress? Any suggestions?
  2. nkyhornhunter

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    Aug 25, 2014
    I really limit prey distress calls this time of... that being said... I have killed 90% of my coyotes this year off of "lightning jack"... weird i know, considering there is not a jackrabbit anywhere close to ky... I as well us an inferno. I would start off with lightning jack around volume 12 for 5-6 minutes straight... if nothing shows take a pause for 2-3 minutes and go to coyote pup distress#3
    Make certain you have plenty of cover to enable you to scan your head right and left with out being picked off.
    Try to make sure your wind isn't blowing right at where you THINK they will come from while setup or on the walk in.
    I have killed 21 yotes this year and my concern with the wind grows less and less after every kill... coyotes are so mobile and curious it is hard telling where they will come in from... I have shot far more coyote's that were down wind of me then upwind... reason being is because unless they just a plain HARD charger most will circle downwind to and pick up the scent of the thing that is making noise.... I used to drive myself nuts worrying about wind direction while yote hunting and now I'm ok with them getting a whiff of me...I just try and shoot them before haul out of there
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    Might want to wait for them to mow the hay first so you can see better. And like nkyhornhunter, I'm not near as concerned with the wind as I used to be. I don't throw caution to the wind. But I don't stress myself if it isn't absolutely perfect. Also know that you aren't hunting out west. Coyotes here are nothing like you see Randy Anderson, or Les Johnson calling in all the time. They are far more weary and harder to get a response. When I first started I probably only had a coyote come in every 10-12 stands. Once you start having success, you'll figure out the do's and dont's
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    Dec 15, 2008
    Thanks for the tips. I was going to wait til the hay was cut but then I figured they may use the road since the hay is so high and that would give me an advantage of having a better idea where they would come from. I know all hunts are different but having a place to start really helps. I'll give it s shot soon. Thanks!
  5. JR in KY

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    Jan 25, 2006
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    The very day that hay is cut, THEY will be in there that night and possibly early the next morning. The last one I killed was 10 AM the next morning when I drove down to fluff the hay from the day before.. It was chomping on some tasty morsel and gave me plenty of time for a shot.
    Early morning is best but you can find them anytime....if they cooperate.

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