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    was working on my chicken coop when my older hens went nuts while free ranging in back yard, when I looked up a coyote was looking trough the cattle fence he got away before I could get a long gun but im sure he will be back. was wondering if any of my chicken guarders/hunters/gatherers have any experience in coyote snaring cause im sure he and his friends will be back. ive ordered redneck convent snares they will be here today. any help will be greatly appreciated by myself and my 16 chickens. thanks
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    When u get your snares boil them in baking soda to knock off the shine and oil, this will leave the snares with a full finish. After they dry hang them up and spray paint them with the brown army camo paint that you can get at Walmart.After painting let them hang for a few days so the smell will dissipate.As far as hanging your snare if you have a fence line and know where the coyotes are crossing hang the snare there. Fur hanging on the bottom strand of fence is good indication of where their crossing also look for trails under fence. I just run the loop of the snare back thru the swivel to attach it to the fence or post then run the snare down the bottom strand and make the loop to the size I need in the crossing and take black tape to attach the snare to the fence to hold the loop where it needs to be.
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    thank ya brother very helpful
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    If you're trapping a fence line, painting to get rid of the shine on the snare isn't as important. It won't hurt, but probably won't matter much. Just make sure your snares are slightly off the ground so you don't get a paw instead of a neck. I like to anchor the snare high if I can. They have seem to die quicker. It should be easy to see where they are going under the fence. Hang it there and any spots you think they're using. Good luck!
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    thank ya brother good advice I want to check these chicken killers before I go archery elk hunting in sept. thanks again brother
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