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    Sat 11 Apr 2020, Elliott Co, ten minutes before sunrise. After looking over the huge cattle pasture I would be setting up in, I eased up over the ridge and along the brushy fence row to my perch for the morning that would allow me to see 400+ yards to my right, front, and left. I knelt down to get my caller and decoy out of my pack when I caught movement about 35 yards to my left. Coyote #1 had just popped over the same ridge I had just crossed and into the field, saw me and then took off trying to make it to the brushy draw about 100 yards below me. I dropped to the ground and got into the prone behind my rifle and tried to stop it by barking but it made it to the draw. I waited there for several seconds in case it showed itself for a shot further down the draw but no luck. I reached for a call in my left pocket to try and howl it back in, but before I could, I saw movement to my right. Coyote #2 came busting through another brushy fence row at a trot about 70 yards below me and to my right and was moving to my left. I barked at him and he stopped at 70 yards right in front of me and was staring me down. Found him in the bottom of the draw in a drain filled with stagnant water. Looked like a drowned rat when I pulled him out. Stunk so bad I couldn't even stand to skin him. Farmer was glad to see it gone. I never even used a call. Finally ended the drought I've had since late Feb. Hit and spun one around in March that I couldn't find and missed another. About a week ago, I hit one out past 350 yards, knocked it down and spun it around a few times. Last I saw of it was a leg sticking up in the air but I couldn't find it either. Took the Mrs with me two days ago on the 15th of April. Had a big one come running by at 60 yards early in the calling sequence. She thought it was pretty cool - we're going again tomorrow morning.

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