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Discussion in 'Modern Firearms' started by styxvalleydan, Nov 15, 2008.

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    Jun 15, 2008
    ok so ive got the lever gun and now im looking to complete the cowboy collection for myself and get a pair of cowboy action pistols along with the rifle scabard and a nice set of holsters. id like to find a pistol thats a pleasure to shoot something with mild recoil but in a traditional cowboy round. maybe stainless and as affordable as possible. appreciate the help:)
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    The Ruger Vaquero is the toughest, most reliable pistol going in the CAS circles, although there are few physical (transfer bar, warning stamp on the barrel) features that the more die hard purist think detract from its look.

    Obviously the Colt SAA, along with the USFA or Uberti clones are dead ringers for the original cowboy pistols. The Colt is pricey at well over $1000 retail. The Uberti is the most economical of the bunch but can sometimes take a little work to smooth out the action and make sure it can stand up to the constant shooting. The USFA is somewhere in the middle, the price of some models approaching that of a new Colt.

    There are a few other pistol correct for the time period (Remington 1895, Schofield clones, Open-Top clones, Mason-Richards cartridge conversions, etc) you could look into if you want something a little different than the SAA.

    Go with .45 Colt if you are looking for authenticity; a .357 Magnum (shoot .38 Specials in it) if you do not reload and want to save on ammo costs.

    A little more info for you
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    I agree totally about vaqueros. The ruger vaqueros will outlast ALL other cowboy action shooting revolvers AND you! The .45 colt when loaded to S.A.S.S. specs is very mild recoiling,traditional,and available everywhere. The .44-40 MIGHT be a tad more purist but ammo just ain't near as widespread available.

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