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Apr 2, 2012
Morning y'all!!!! The past 4-5 years I've been using a mix if Moultries, cuddebacks, and primos cams. Some of them are still in good working order while some of them well not so much. So ice decided to re-up on my trail cam inventory this year, and what I'd like to do is standardize on my trail cams so I don't have 3-4 of this 3-4 of that. I've read a lot about the covert cams on here just never used one, so I'm stuck between deciding on the moultries or the coverts. I'm looking to keep it around 100-150 per cam, which I know isn't no where near enough for the code black that sends you pics to your phone but that's ok bc most if the places I hunt don't have cell service anyhow. Anyway any help would be appreciated

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Sep 2, 2012
Logan County
There are some great deal available on left over 2013 MP6 and MPE5 models here ...

You can get the 2012 Red 40 here ...

In my opinion the 2012 Red 40 is the best "picture" camera I have ever used

If you have any interest in HD video with audio you will want a 2013 or 2014 Red 40 or Black 60

The 2014 Outlook will also take HD video with audio and is quickly becoming my favorite camera.


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Apr 4, 2013
Graves Co.
Iv always used moultrie.. I have used the panaramic.. dont really care for it bc it does not have a set up screen.. plus every so often it throws a black picture.. the 990i.. now I love them I own 8.. iv never had one problem or a bad picture since they came out with them.. beautiful pics that you can zoom in on with out bluring.. and man at night they can really reach out there with the flash.. like 45 yrds.. easy..


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Sep 26, 2007
Butler Co.
The Covert Red 40's are my go to cam. But I run a lot of cameras over fields, especially during the summer. When a deer is 50 yds out at night, you can still tell what they are. But I own a black 60 and 2 mp6's. From what I've seen, the new mp8's are one sweet, sweet camera! I will be getting 2 more to go on duck leases in the fall. I ran Moutries probably 6-7 years ago and made the transition to Coverts quickly. If Coverts give you a problem, 9-10 times you send it in and they send you a new camera, it's that simple. Great customer service and even better pictures.


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Dec 16, 2002
Wildcat Country, USA.
Several years ago I was in the same boat as you. Various different brands, etc. It was a major pain the neck that I had pulled together over years of buying cams on sale, etc. I sold all of my cams that were in working condition and went one brand. No doubt there are some good cam companies out there along with some that are well, not so great. I was getting tired of having piss poor customer service when I had an issue or having a camera that would not take good pics or leave it out for a week to find out later it was not working, eating batteries, etc. I ended up going with Covert, mainly the Red 40's and I have not looked back. Up until this year I did not have any farms where I could get cell signal so that was not a consideration. The Red 40's are hard to beat. I think the customer service piece is something that a lot of people do not consider, which I think is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when chosing a game camera. Covert is excellent on customer service as well, just in case you need them! Good luck!


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Oct 31, 2010
I don't think you will be disappointed in the Coverts. I'm currently running 9 different Coverts. I just won Field & Streams trail camera contest and won a new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD. I will be putting it out this weekend. So in a few weeks I will be able to compare it to my Coverts. If it wasn't for winning the Bushnell I would be running all coverts but I'm not going to turn down a free $300 camera either. Haha


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Sep 19, 2009
Harrodsburg, KY
I just bought some mpe5's from wing supply. Never had cams but never see negative comments about them. Alot of folks on here love them. I got the 2013 models for $66 from Wing Supply. Ive never had bad customer service with them either, and super fast shipping.

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