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    Jun 7, 2004
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    See next post, lol. Was typing when you replied. There would be several challenges to setting up such a study, and it would be long term. USFWS has stated that agricultural practices have potentially affected crane migrations - no reason ducks wouldn't see similar results.
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    Pics ?

    I’m just going on your past reports of mishaps , run ins with unruly other hunters and finicky fowl.

    If it was about effort you’d get an A plus.
    A second careeer doing something you love will be like a breath of fresh air .
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    A couple of examples, one local:

    Ballard Co. Was, at one time, the goose capital of the world. Geese no longer show up.

    Same on the east coast with that goose population.


    Oklahoma Nebraska, Kansas see many more ducks than they historically have. It would be interesting to look into.
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    Jun 7, 2004
    Louisville, KY.
    Unfortunately, the locals I've encountered are less than desirable. After 19 years of this job, I can recognize the signs of people using a variety of drugs. Meth and pills are among those that I see on a regular basis, and the two locals I've met were definitely using. One was tweaking out of his mind, and the other pair were pillheads. Normally, I'd say heroin, but having been present for the transition from pills to heroin, I know that the latter will sell everything not nailed down to get a fix. Never been in a dope house that had anything of value, so the boys driving a late model Toyota pickup, with guns and dekes probably aren't on heroin. Definitely using something, though, and pills would be the next best guess.

    Anyway, we managed to pull birds from the guys hunting private land next door. More than a few worked. No pics, didn't take any that weren't in the field. I'll take some at home if we get any this week, and post 'em up.

    Weather calling for cold the last ten days of the month. Work will just have to get along without me.
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