Controversial Video of Michigan Coyote Killing

Discussion in 'Varmint Hunting' started by JasonGoneFishing, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. therookie

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    Aug 24, 2012
    I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to hunting with dogs? Please show me where I have said anything more than I think it is wrong to let them kill a wounded animal while you stand over it with a gun. You and others are putting words in my mouth and are implying I'm saying using dogs and other things that give you an advantage is unethical. The truth is I have never said that because I don't feel that way. The only thing I've said is unethical is allowing an animal to suffer and letting dogs kill it while you stand over it holding a gun that coukd quickly do the job. On the topic of me talking about hunting with dogs in this thread, it is you who has no idea what you're taking about.
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    Feb 20, 2011
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    The last paragraph is where I strongly object. I always try to make clean kills. I hate to see animals suffer. However, I'm a realist and understand that clean kills don't always happen. There have been numerous times (I've hunted rabbits with hounds for 28 years) when me or someone in my party has hit a rabbit and mortally wounded it. Yet, that rabbit still had enough life to keep moving. As a result, more often than not my hounds will run that rabbit down and kill it. The kills are always quick. As far as I'm concerned using one of my hounds to run a wounded rabbit down and killing it is as ethical, humane, responsible, etc. as a hunter can get.

    I have no desire to change your mind or your stance on the type of hunting in which you partake. My point is simply this, when you start splitting hairs like you did on legal types of hunting or hunting methods you are walking a fine line. We all agree the guy in the video is being unethical and none of us would want to be lumped in the hunting culture with the likes of him. The safest course of action is to leave it at that and not pass judgement on fellow hunters hunting in accordance with the law. I'm sure that wasn't your intention but it did come off that way.
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    Aug 24, 2012
    Well I apologize if I came off that way. I understand your point, but there's a difference in a hound getting to a wounded rabbit before you and standing over a wounded animal waiting for your dogs. I'm not sure I ever criticized someone in that situation. Only the guy in the video. I'm not passing judgement on people who hunt legally with hounds unless they do something like the guy in the video. Again, your situation is entirely different with the rabbits because you are doing what is ethical. Which is why people blew this out of proportion and took it as a personal attack even though I never did that. The only person I'm attacking is the guy in the video and anyone who does what he did. Regardless, happy hunting to you.
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    Feb 5, 2004
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    No need to apologize for your views I just couldn't really understand what you were trying to say. When you brought in feeders and such to this thread it appears you are adding them to a list of " non fair chase" means of hunting whether you meant to or not , I couldn't see how most of them had anything to do with killing this coyote
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    I do not care for such actions. No problem hunting with decoy dogs but regardless if it's "just a coyote" using dogs to finish off a wounded animal (shot twice) bodes of questionable personal character and IMO, hunting clean kill ethics. This is just the kind of meat the bunny hugger crowd is looking for to go running to the public and legislators to attack hunting-period.Recently several states have changed hunting laws such as California which just banned coyote calling contest.When I saw the pictures of the contest with mounds of dead dogs I said that would be the end result.Now they even want to regulate coyote hunting numbers. Any time someone puts a hunting video on U-tube regardless of reason,such as instructional, it gets attacked by the roving liberal save the earth crowd. This video will find it's way into such use.Coyotes are the new " lets protect them" species from evil hunting by the anti-hunting crowd. Look it up on U-tube, some bleeding heart crap out there on coyotes and that crowd will use it to further their agenda.
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    Aug 26, 2011
    John, I have to agree ^^^
    before it is all said and done
    well have to hide in the woods to smoke a cig, and sip whiskey
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    I didn't watch the video. I've coon hunted, groundhog hunted and rabbit hunted with hounds. That's how coons were killed in the shakeout season (used to be October) and a way of breaking young dogs, getting them excited about the hunt. If you've ever owned beagles, many times you shoot a rabbit and the dogs end up killing it later. It's part of a dog hunting sport.

    It is not wise to post things like that on FB or other social media IMO, in fact I view FB the same as my truck, I transport deer with the tailgate up and the deer as hidden as possible as not to offend anyone that doesn't want to see it. I don't post kill pics on FB other than private sub groups, etc..

    I'm not worried about angering an anti-hunter, it's the neutral folks that may be turned away that I don't want to offend..
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    I think if your going to hunt an animal it is your duty to kill it as quickly and painlessly as possible. Standing over a wounded animal holding a gun an waiting for dogs to come finish the job is just wrong to me.

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