Computer soundcard problems....


Aug 4, 2003
Lexington, ky, USA.
Here's the deal. My computer took a dump so I'm using an old Dell my brother had laying around until I buy a new one. I had to replace the hard drive, CPU fan, ethernet card, CD/R, and I added some PC133 memory. Since I've had this thing, I haven't been able to hear anything. I bought a 5.1 soundcard yesterday and still nothing! Winamp won't even act like an MP3 is playing. Videos play without the sound as do games. I've gone over and over and over this thing but I can't figure it out! Any thoughts? Updating the drivers didn't work. A new soundcard didn't work. I just don't know.


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Dec 17, 2003
vine grove, kentucky.
I just had my computer repaired. I had lost my sound and my CD-rom would work sometimes and sometimes not. When I took it in to the repair shop, I was told that some of my drives had been corrupted. This required that my computer be completly gutted out and reprogramed. It runs great now, maybe even better. There is no sure anti-virus program that is 100%capable of stopping everything.


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Nov 8, 2004
Hickory KY
there should have been a disc with the sound card,,that has the drivers on it,,,,you have to have them downloaded before your speakers will works,,


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Nov 27, 2004
Lexington, KY
Tried all of that with no results. Oh well. I'll just do without sound until I buy a new system in a couple of weeks. THANKS everyone.

I highly recommend an IMac if you are buying something new, it will work especially well with your photography hobby.;)


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Nov 25, 2007
Hidden in the Woods, Ky
i was going to say drivers. but assuming the drivers are installed correctly i would check to see if the sound card has been deactivated like sgt. mills said.

if that doesn't work try putting in th xp cd and not rebooting but use it to mirror your installed os and fix corrupted files.

good luck.

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