Compound bows


12 pointer
Jul 1, 2018
My main bow is a PSE Xforce AXE6 it's an older model but still shoots sweet and is very fast.. Back up Parker Poison it's a good shooter but not as good as the PSE..

The Wife shoots a PSE Fever 1 , single cam very smooth draw cycle lots of adjustability and a great shooter , excellent second bow for my wife her first was an older Browning..


6 pointer
Jan 23, 2016
Matthews Creed. Works good for me, I don't need to have the latest greatest bow every year.


12 pointer
Oct 27, 2017
Estill County
Bear Instinct. Older bow but suits me perfect and hesitant to switch. Although the first good deal I see on a Triax will probably change my mind.


6 pointer
Aug 4, 2009
northern ky
Bowtech RealmX, which I bought last year. My Diamond Black Ice is now my backup bow. I'll keep a bow for 10 years then consider buying a newer one as I don't think there is usually enough improvement in bows from year to year to justify the expense. Love both bows and have confidence in them, but the RealmX is my favorite and a step up in speed (which only makes it better due to shooting a flatter arrow to me personally).


10 pointer
Aug 29, 2013
Kenton Co
Bowtech Realm for me. Wife shoots a Bowtech Eva Shockey. One of my sons shoots my older Bowtech Invasion ( probably my favorite of all bows I have had ) and my other son shoots a Bowtech prodigy.

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