Cold tempuratures set the rut on fire

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  1. So iv been reading a lot of post about the rut here through out Kentucky. This morning was the first time yet this season i have seen any signs of rutting activity! I hunt in north/central Kenton county and bucks were on does all morning. I watched multiple bucks chasing numerous does, which were all yearling does?? That part didnt make a whole lot of sense to me but none the less it was very entertaining! All small bucks except for one 3/4 year old, by no means a large rack, but definitely unique. He chased a doe by right at day break and then later came out to run off a couple smaller bucks. I never got an opportunity at a clear shot but late in the morning my uncle capitalized on an opportunity. Hes not a "wall hanger" but he'll make a cool euro mount and a good conversation piece...

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    Neat buck.

    I saw the same yearling chasing going on the weekend before last when there were several mature does with them not getting chased. Very odd.

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    I shot a yearling doe behind the house last week that was being chased, then two bucks stood over her after she crashed. I had to practically run them off.
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    Oddly enough, I saw the same thing this weekend - both Saturday and Sunday. Multiple 1 1/2 year olds one 2 1/2 year old just blatantly harassing younger doe.
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    Do you think this weekend will be good with the temps rising
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    No, but it might be wise to hunt in the evenings.
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    In my area Rut as just started. I watched a Buck chasing a Doe last evening (Wednesday) and have found a few active scrapes. Evenings seem the be the best time to see them. It too bad our season (Zone #3) rifle season is going to end Monday. Wish we had those extra 6-days.:(
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    Last Sunday I watched a 1.5yr old buck chase 2 yearling twins with older does within 30yds of them and finally after he turned his attention to a older doe but still didn't bother the other 2 there.
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    Not only am I not seeing any chasing, I can't find any does. I hunt 2 farms and all I am seeing, which the exception of one hunt, is scrub bucks. I have seen 2 possible shooter bucks and 1 decent 8. I saw 7-8 bucks on one farm and have seen 4-5 on this new one. For meat, I may bite the bullet and put down a small buck.
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  10. Awesome black and white picture. I love those unique deer.

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    Love the pic. Well done. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Well last night we watched a nice 4 year old 8 point follow a doe over the hill in front of our house around 1130 so I went this morning and didn't see much. 2 small bucks and a couple does, all alone. I'm guessing the big ones are on lock down today

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