CO Confirms OK To Use Live Chickens to Shoot/Trap Over!

Jan 27, 2006
Hi KYHers,

Had a brief conversation with a CO today. He confirmed that it is *OK* to set out live chickens as bait to shoot yotes over, as fowl were "a non-regulated species". I haven't tried this yet, but might set up one on a string in the woods and see what might come in.

All kinds of sets come to mind on this, and all seem legal.

He did confirm that trapping, leg-hold or otherwise with chickens as bait is still is subject to the same rules as trapping with bait of any kind: distance away from traps and must have bait covered to non-visible from the air.

I haven't tried this either, but man, a couple of white chickens in a wire crate or stuffed up a section of large dia. pipe with a screen on each end should make a great lure. Talk about making noise and masking scent... I might give this a try.

Any thoughts out there?


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Sep 16, 2005
Larue Co.
I'd have to see it in print before I'd even think about it. I thought I remembered reading that it was NOT legal, but can't seem to find it in the regs at the moment.


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Dec 25, 2008
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im shocked that it doesnt apply to animal gruelity

dead chickens i could understand
Why would having a chicken in a cage out in the woods be any more cruel/different from one in a cage in your back yard? So long as you set it up so the chicken wouldn't be harmed. Not to say it wouldn't scare it half to death though:eek:
Jan 27, 2006
Same as bait on a hook?

I would want to reuse the set, which would mean I would want the chickens to be safe. Worms, frogs, chubs, all manner of other critters that could be eaten by fish we don't think for a moment about it. Still, I would't want to put the chickens where the nibblers could get them...


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Jan 26, 2009
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i knew a guy that tied a chicken to a tree and left it, went back 5 days later and used a chicken in distres and killed one. there werent any sighn of the chicken.

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