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keith meador

Got the Spotted Fever
Sep 18, 2003
Grindstone Branch, KY, USA.
I have never had a bad experience with a CO. I know several personally, and can't say enough good things about them. We are fortunate to have them. They do an excellent job of controlling the Mountain Lion population and keeping me safe!:D


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Dec 29, 2009
Summershade, Metcalfe Co. Ky
Heres one.

Me and good friend of mine. Who was also my boss, were traveling to work one morning.
It was close to the end of the season.
We were just about to the job sight and we spotted this Hugh buck standing just off the edge of the road.
This buck looked to have about a 20 in. spread on him.
Well as we passed him he just stood there with his head down looking at the ground and he didn't move.
So we drove down the road thinking if we stopped at the next farm.Maybe they could tall us who owned the land and we would ask to hunt it if we could find them close by.
When we stopped the home owner came out .We told him what we were up to and he said, he owned the land and if he could post up we could try to push this deer. If we got a shoot at him take it.

We got ready , Danny grabbed his shot gun. I didn't have mine in the van. The prop.owner grabbed his gun and we drove back to where we seen him to make a plan.When we rounded the corner up ahead there was this
Buck still standing there.

We stopped about a quarter mile short of where he stood and the man started to sneak down the fence row next to the winter wheat field that held this buck. he made it to the back edge around 200 yards and stopped and took his position.

My buddy Danny and I stepped across the road and started to walk down
this deep ditch towards the deer using the ditch and the high road as cover.

All this time the buck never moved.We started to think that it was a decoy
But it sure looked real.We glass this buck for a few and it really looks real. So we figure were with the land owner lets go for it. We got all the way to this buck with out spooking him.
By that time we were sure we had walked into a set up Or funny videos or something. But the deer just looked like a live deer and the rack was beautiful.
The buck was not 50 feet off the road and in Mich, at that time you could not shoot from the road,nor shoot across the road.

We figured this buck would run back to the corner were the man was set up . So Danny took a left out of the ditch and crawled on his hands and knees through the mud to get away from the road just in case the deer ran across. When he got to the point were he could see the deer over the road. I planned to just popped up in front of this deer. believing that it would run.
Well I climbed up out of the ditch right in front of this buck and he still just stood there looking at the ground.Was this a joke or what, I Thought.I stoop back down in the ditch and motion for Danny to come here.
Danny began to approach the road Half stooped over to stay low.When he got to me .I looked at him and said We must be on camera or something that damned thing aint real.
We both stood up and just then the Bucked picked his head up half way, but never moved another muscle.

That was it It had to be a fake. Right then we seen the sheriff car and the CO's truck coming down the road we were sure glad Danny did not shoot.
He unloaded his gun and we just stood there and waited for the officers to get there.
The sheriff drove right buy us. Then the CO stopped and rolled down his window and ask how we were doing today.
We kinda were speechless for a second there and then Danny say OK...
I guess.The CO never looked out in the field were the deer was still standing.
He asked us if we were all legal Danny and I turn around, showed him our license displayed on our backs. He said OK and started to Drive off, Gets about Five feet on the road as his eyes leave his the rear view and he goes to look in his side view. This buck picks up his head all the way and took a sideways step and staggered forward and his antlers went from a 20" to a 40" spread to flopping around in a circular motion as finally tried to run, The friggin thing looked like Bullwinkle.
But he just couldnt seem to get or than 2 feet forward and two steps back and one to either side.
The CO spots him and stops. Steps out of his truck says something in his radio, and motions for us. He tells us he was investigating a car deer collision earlier and that this looks like the deer described.
We tell him That we had thought we had been on video and that.
The property owner is over in the fence row waiting for the buck to run his way
When we look over in that direction this guy is gone. he's just was gone. full blaze orange coat and all.Vanished ,Poof.
We tell him "well he was there. He lives right in that house down the road."
The CO says "that guy doesn't own this land the man on the next mile owns it".
He gets on the radio,to have the sheriff dispatched back.

Yes guy, the deer still there ,he just went back to staring at the ground.

Right about then this green truck is coming down the dirt road from the other mile rd. and its the rightful owner of the property.The CO talks to him.We didn't listen to the conversation.
We were just trying to figure out what our next move was and if we were in trouble or not.

The farmer pulls up and says you will need written permission to kill that deer boys. Whats your names .We tell him and he scribbles some chicken scratch on an old Lunch bag and hands it back to Danny.Then drives off.

The CO say Go ahead shoot it.Gets in his truck and drives off.

We stood there for a few looking at each other again. When I said this just nuts Danny.We walk up to that Buck and Danny puts a 20g slug in its neck.
The deers skull was split inside. I guess from running into the side of a car.
I gut it, as Danny walked back to the van.
When he pulled up he said "wait till you see this."
When we drove By the house that the bogus land owner lived in there were Three sheriffs cars and two DNR trucks and the Green truck.
The guy in the pumpkin suit. He was Standing on the Front lawn In hand cuffs.

I have a Polaroid picture of this Buck with its antlers speed wide. If I can find it. I will try to scan. And if I can figure out how to use Photo bucket.
I will try to figure out how to post it.:)


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Oct 16, 2007
Getshot, KY
In 20 years of deer and turkey hunting I have never seen a CO in the field much less been checked, besides a F&W roadblock in west Ky years ago. Maybe they just don't like to climb mountains? :p


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Dec 29, 2009
Summershade, Metcalfe Co. Ky
I have had quit a few experience with them.Never a bad one.

There is only one that I am personally acquainted with and that's the one that lived down the road from me for 20 years. He is a good man.With him you never seen him coming until he was standing next to you.

I don't Know what happened to the Houdini in the Pumping Suit.
We never heard anything from the CO's or the sheriffs.

One things for certain they probably could have pinned Danny for trespassing in the field he was crawling in.If they would have seen him.
I myself never crossed the ditch so I never crossed the right away nor did I have a gun. But that's not the point. The law said Written permission. and We took the word of an idiot and could have payed for it. The only thing we could assume was this must not have been the first time this guy had given permission to hunt or it was some kind of Family squabble or something like that.The hole experience was a lesson learned.

When I lived up north the DNR was in full force. You seen them on a daily basis all year long driving around. Florida Fish and wildlife, are the same way but only on the water.Never seen one on land unless it was at the bout ramp.


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Dec 10, 2001
Northern Ky
another story that im sure hasnt happened to many on here
me and a buddy was turkey hunting one spring morning was a pretty rough day birds werent responding to any callin or locators as i was walkin down the field i see Mr Green Jeans (CO) pop out of no where had a small chit chat and then the officer askes me if i have my last years license on me..i said yeah cuz i have saved all my licenses since 1978
(dont carry all of them just like the fisical year and the one prior)

well he explains to me that they have a new officer trainee and basically wanted to see if is she could catch the mistake it all worked out well only when we arrived at the truck another officer checked me basically messed up the whole set up on the new officer anyways woulda been interesting if things had gone as planned


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Feb 4, 2008
I've rarely bumped in to a CO while hunting. Only twice that I recall and the CO was very professional and respectful.

The CO's have a difficult job to do. Lots of times they are in remote areas after dark and the people they meet are usually armed. Poachers, drug dealers and meth cooks are only part of what they have to contend with.

My hat is off to them.


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Dec 29, 2009
Summershade, Metcalfe Co. Ky
I ran across a Florida Fish and Wildlife officer once while Duck hunting .
The area we were hunting took two boats to get to. One we had to moor out in deeper water be cause of the tides.
On the way back out.We were stopped by this officer as we were coming upon our moored vessel.
He asked us what we were doing. We told him.He than to proceeded to get schooled on the art of duck hunting and the regulations,spices, shot, type,magz.capacity, bird limit, etc.etc.etc, from my partner .
At the time Fish and wild life just merged with Marine patrol and this guy was from marine patrol.He was clueless.We ended up spending an hour and a half on the water with him two other patrols that came by to listen.

After all that one of them noticed that my life vest had the pocket torn with a small hole about the size of a quarter in it.He actully wrote me a warning citation. I guess practice make perfect.Or maybe they had to have an explanation why the spent so much time on one stop.:rolleyes:

trader rob

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Apr 5, 2004
ne ky..
I've rarely bumped in to a CO while hunting. Only twice that I recall and the CO was very professional and respectful.

The CO's have a difficult job to do. Lots of times they are in remote areas after dark and the people they meet are usually armed. Poachers, drug dealers and meth cooks are only part of what they have to contend with.

My hat is off to them.

those bad boys can't hold a light to a middle aged woman, with family, on a public lake on a hot summer day. lol

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