Close but no cigar......


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Nov 26, 2007
We have been slackin in the carp dept the past few days so we went tonight back to the same hole and had my 2lb test out with bread as usual. Tossed it out and had gills attacking it so I just left it alone. Then the bread went below the surface and then I noticed the line going in and out which I thought was a gill. After a few minutes I decided to bring it in. But there was something on it. As I was reeling it in, it was coming to the top slowly, then it surfaced. It was a huge grass carp, well over 20lbs, more like well over 30lbs and then he just exploded on top and took me back down. Deep down I had a feeling it was hooked good but I tightened the drag hoping that the hook would embed itself further but after the 3rd run hed made, he got off. The all lasted about 2 minutes. So close.......

But I did manage to catch a decent crappie for this lake. Usually they are about 3" to 6" but since this was one well over that, I decided to take a pic. He hit the Manns Shallow running crawdad. And then I had bread on the bottom and caught a 5lb channel.

Mrs.MasterB wanted to buy her own rod and reel today so we went to Dicks. 100$ was her target and that was going to be hard to find. But I came across a St.Croix rod and a Capricorn reel by Daiwa with 8 BB for 119$. So I then priced them separately and the reel was usually 120$ and the rod at 69$ so I told her to get this one. When we checked out, the price was dropped even further to 105$ so she made out great.







Feb 1, 2008
smile a little more man,you're supposed to be enjoying them fishing outings,by the pics she's much more happier fishin than you are..:)
nice fish.there's a small lake close to here that has some submarine size grass carp..never tried to catch one though..


Jan 29, 2006
MasterB, great fish n great always! But in the future can ya have MRSB hold ALL the fish while you take the pic?!:D


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Got's to be one lucky shirt....By the way any woman that loves spending as much time fishing as she does...Is worth the time and effort to permanently catch her & bring her in to the boat, before she throws the hook and gets away...Good Luck MasterB.....:)

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