Chuck Adams World Record Sitka Blacktail


8 pointer
Apr 9, 2010
Southeastern KY
I met him at ATA show one year in Indy. He would ask about “you”. How your hunting was going and your success.
He would talk if you wanted for 20 sec or 20 min. I asked him what his most memorable hunt was. He said when he took a 2nd mortgage out on his house to hunt a Dall Sheep lol.
He is a true pioneer of hunting and to me only trails Fred Bear


12 pointer
Jan 2, 2009
raised n Bullitt Co.
His tape must be reading millimeters. My 116 is inches.
Post your score sheet. If those G2s and 3s are 9-10", that's 130ish IMO.
How big is this 6 pt?

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