Christian teacher FIRED for not approving transgender school project

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    But they're so tolerant and opposed to "bullying". You WILL parrot this or be fired...


    Christian teacher FIRED for not approving transgender school project
    Oct. 23, 2019 9:09 pm

    A Christian middle school teacher in Arizona was fired because she wouldn’t let a student do a school project on their transgender journey:

    EVT – The district report said a transgender student told administrators Krom wouldn’t allow an art project about the personal journey through transgenderism because the subject was inappropriate for a classroom environment.

    “Teacher subsequently acknowledged that she rejected the topic because it conflicted with teacher’s religious beliefs,” the report states.

    The student went to a counselor, who informed the school’s principal. The principal advised Krom there was nothing objectionable with the student’s project topic.

    In an email, Krom told the principal she does not condone the LGBTQ lifestyle and won’t assist in creating artwork that glorifies it, the report said.

    “Either this topic is the priority or the word of God is,” the teacher allegedly wrote.

    Krom gave the student zero out of a possible 50 points for the project, telling the principal that a higher grade would violate her conscience.

    “I understand that you are probably unwilling to change your topic at this point,” the teacher reportedly wrote to the student, “but I cannot be forced to compromise convictions.”

    The transgender student asked to be taken out of Krom’s class, according to the report.

    CUSD charged Krom with violating a provision of her contract that prohibits a teacher from discriminating against any coworker, student or parent based on gender or sexual orientation.

    It’s getting harder and harder to be a Christian in this world, especially in the public school system.

    They’ve become laboratories for liberal ideology and indoctrination for the gay agenda, and Christians either have to compromise their values or do what this teacher did and end up getting fired or quitting.
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    I don’t recognize it either , in corrections and won’t boy girl that’s it

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